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Navel Piercing Experience

OK, so my first belly piercing story started like this – my friend was gonna get hers done and she wanted me to get mine done with her. Stupid enough I let my friend’s sister pierce me and my friend got hers done a week later by a pro.
I went through hell with that piercing. Once Halloween came the costume just didn’t like my piercing and it had to come out. A week later it rejected and I was left with a volcano like piercing. 👿

I felt like I had two bumps or but cheeks. It was red and nasty. I took good care of it and 4-5 months later I got mine done by a pro. Now here’s my second story.

Spring break was coming up and I really wanted to get it redone. I begged and begged my mom to take me and finally I got a yes. So the day comes and I’m almost there and I realize I don’t have my id or my birth certificate. Ughhhhhhh!!!!! 😡

I tell my mom and she is PISSED. We went home got the stuff and headed back to the shop for the second time. My heart started racing and I wanted to just hide in the dirt in a hole. We entered the store to a bunch of people covered in piercings and tattoos gave them the stuff they needed to verify I could get my belly pierced and told us to listen for my name.

Then, twenty minutes go by and my friend and I are looking at tattoos when I hear my name get called. AHHHHH! 😮 I go to the room and realize my mom’s not there so I go on a search and finally find her and tell her it’s time, since the shop was small those few steos to the shop were very slow scary ones. The piercer dude cleaned my stomach and marked me.

I looked at the mark and laid down and he grabbed a huge needle and told me to breathe. I panicked and told my mom I couldn’t do it. She said – just breathe and get it over with!

Then the piercer dude told me he was gonna put it in place he said to just breathe for a second and calm down. Next alls I knew is I felt a little pinch and he said he was done.

I felt so stupid but I was happy, couldn’t get the smirk off my face. Now moths later I finally changed it for the first time and it’s doing great.

Hope I helped! 😉 MARIAH


  1. so, i wanna go get mine done for the second time and I have scar tissue. and I got it done like last year around this time (May) and I wanna get it redone , does it hurt ?

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