Bottom Belly Button Piercing Story

Belly Button Piercing Story

By Kaitlim, Naugatuck, CT US

So when i was 15 i got my first belly button piercing. i got it on the top and i loved it alot. but it never healed. so after about 9 months of having it it got rejected and migrated. this means that your body wants to get rid of the piercing and it pushes it out. so after a while my body pushed it all the way out and i was left with a nasty scar. after a few months i went to go get it redone.

I knew it might be possible for the rejection to happen again so i was ready to pierce the bottom if need be. and like i thought the piercer recomended getting the bottom done so the top doesnt reject itself again. so its been a few hours with my new bottom piercing and i love it more than the top.

It hurts a little more but its worth it. id suggest getting the bottom done instead of the top to anyone!


  1. Hey, I got my belly pierced too and it just recently rejected it and I have the same scar as you. I was wondering if you still have the scar. I’m getting my bottom pierced but do you know if the scar will ever go away? Did your piercer happen to tell you if it was going to stay like that or not?
    Thank you!

  2. Mine Done the Same ive had mien pierced twice.! and Both Rejected I was Sooooo Mad.! and so now i want it redone and im scared to get the top redone….so i wanna go for the bottom.! but will it do the same as the top.?

  3. This happened to me. I was sooo upset when I had to take it out, I literally cried! Mine looks exactly like that! I’m hopefully going tomorrow to get the bottom part done. I really want it. I miss it soo much!!

  4. I got my top belly peirced but the skin started getting thinner and thinner and it seemed like my skin was gonna rip so I took it out. Now I have a tiny hole that’s taking forever to close up. DO YOU THINK IT’LL EVER CLOSE UP? I’m gonna get my bottom one pierced, I’m excited I hope itll look nice like you guys said 🙂

  5. so, i got my bottom pierced. it didn’t hurt me at all, it was so quick i could barely feel it but now it’s dark around the area where i got my belly pierced. it’s not big, it’s just around my two hole’s. my belly ring has not been sore, it doesn’t seem to be infected but no matter what the darkening won’t go away. i got mine done in june so it has been about 7 month’s. did this happen to any of you? if so, what was the problem? what did you do to get darkening? please help me, i loveeeeee my piercing but hate the darkening.

    >>>>>PLEASE REPLY<<<<<<

    1. Don’t worry I’ve had mine for two years and around both holes it’s dark…’s supposed to be on some people it’s kind of like a scar it’s completely harmless two years later and my belly button is still 100% fine

  6. hey, the same thing happened to me and i was wondering how ur bottom piercing worked out. i want to get mine since i got the top pierced twice and both times it rejected.

  7. soo i got mah bellybutton pierce on dah and it got infected i let it heal but it still had dah biggass scar so i got it again 2 nomore times. i just hate dah look of dah scar and really want to cover it. so i just mite get dah bottom one.

  8. I just got my bottom belly button pierced yesterday! its a little sore and it burns wen i wash it but wen i got it done it burned and pintched but i didn’t think it hurt that bad i have an outtie so they made me get it on the bottom but it was worth it although i thought it would look weird i think it looks great 🙂

  9. this happened to me too. i have a scar on my top bellybutton & i feel like its never gonna go away. i tried to repierce it but i didnt like it sp eventually im gonna get my bottom pierced !

  10. I got my top pierced about a year ago. I took it out a few months ago cause it started gettin infected. There’s a scar now too and I hate it soo much. When you guys repierced it did the scar heal? Is it safe? I’m gonna go to the doctors to see if anythin can be done

  11. iv got both done and like you guys i think the bottom hurts alot more my top one healed in like 2 weeks and iv been changin it ever since i had my top done when i was about 14 im 21 this year and i had my bottom one done last saturday and it seems to be healin well i cant wait to change them both now for smaller bars

  12. im only 13, i got my top done when i was 11/12 my top belly did the same thing as you, ive got a scarr! my body rejected it. then i got it done again, and it done the same thing. i want my bottom bit done, but im scared its gnna do the same thing it did with the top.
    can you help me ?
    can you email me.
    and tell me what will happen ?

  13. i got my belly button pierced yesterday and it was the worst pain everrrr i got the bottom tho so idk if that hurts more.

  14. Hiiyaa :).
    The first time i got my top done the same happened but then i got it done again with more skin on it and it healed better so i wanted another piercing somewer so got the bottom done today an i think it looks fab!
    The bottom did hurt well more than the top:( X
    its been killing me all day but it is defanitly worth it.
    Hopefully this one heals :S X

  15. HI!!! I’m 16 and got my belly button pierced when i was 15 just like u. I loved it but during the healing process it slowly migrated out just like yours, except mine lasted only 4 months. I didnt have enough skin on the top 2 hold the piercing because i have an outtie, but its not all the way out, and b4 i got it pierced the piercer asked me did i want the bottome done. I thought it would look wierd so i said no. After it migrated out there was this ugly dark brown scar left. I was thinking about getting the bottom pierced now, so i was surfing the internet looking for pics with people who have their bottom belly button pierced. I love how urs looka and ur story was so similar to mine! So now i think imma go get my bottom belly button pierced now. Thanxx!!!!

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