BOOM. pierced and proud!

By Jessica from Bury St. Edmunds
Ever since i’de seen my sister get her belly button piercing when she was 13, and i was 6, i was hooked. I begged my mum 24 hours of the day pleading with her, but obviously because i was very young it wasnt going to happen.

One year when i was 12, me and my mum were on a girly weekend holiday in gt yarmouth and we were wandering the town when i saw a belly button bar shop, it was so clean and fresh, and they pierced bellybuttons only. i looked at mum and she just signed and went in, she spoke to the lady’s who were absolutly lovely in there and looked at the jewellery.

She then signed the papers, cost £20 and i have a clear gemmed barbell in.
She clamped me, and pierced. It did hurt the most out of all my piercings ( a few in each lobe, tragus, rook, helix, conch and nose) but it still didnt hurt even though i have a high pain threshold.

Thankyou for reading 😀

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