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Even if you’re in the States, you’ll get some awesome stuff here has announced FREE US Delivery for orders over $20.00!

Remember one thing about belly body jewelry – navel ring shopping experience isn’t complete if you haven’t seen what BodyJewelleryShop has in stock.

Their body jewelry assortment is large and to find all the belly button rings they have I searched the site in a few ways.

I went through the first three right hand side navigation buttons – jewellery material, types of jewellery and places on body. Going through each section you’ll discover something more.

For instance, if you search under jewellery material, under the section silver you’ll find navel orbitals, – they’re called navel shields, too. Although, if you go under places on body, you can’t know that under navel accessories there are such navel shields.

So – take your time, have a look around, and I believe you’ll find at this online store something for you!

Today I got parcel from Body Jewellery Shop with a piece of body jewelry – navel ring with the bottom ball as an eye – it might be a cat’s or a reptile’s eye.

I gave it to my daughter Annija to hold while a pictured it. Isn’t it a nice belly ring? Unfortunately my wife’s belly piercing hasn’t healed yet and I can’t picture her belly button with this new belly button ring. But you’ll certainly see some more pictures in a couple of months time!

To see what I’m talking about, visit Body Jewellery Who knows – maybe you’ll have a new belly ring in a few days:-)

By the way – this online store has a great range of internally threaded belly button rings.

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