Body Candy jewelry shopping step by step

See Body Candy jewelry shopping – new belly button rings in a nick of time!

Read this simple guide before shopping for navel jewelry at Body Candy. I won’t show you something extraordinary – I just captured the screenshots while shopping the belly rings for my cousin.

When you do it first time, you are not familiar with the process and even little things can become complicated – I know it after myself.

On the screenshots you’ll see red arrows and circles – these indicate the links to click on.

You can’t click on screenshots and go to the desired page – read the text above the relevant screenshot and follow the directions.

So – let’s get started!

First, open online store. You’ll see the following page.

To proceed to the belly button rings section, click on the “Belly Button Navel Rings” link on the navigation bar.

And we arrive at the categories page – 32 belly button rings categories to choose from!

I clicked on the “Top Dangle” section because my cousin decided to get a hold of a few new belly button rings – this time top reverse rings. Unlikely the common belly rings the adornments and dangles are attached to the top of the shaft and from a distance it looks as if a captive bead ring was inserted.

Don’t know what kind of belly jewelry you want? Take some time and browse Body Candy jewelry for bellies under all categories to see what’s under them. There are some tips I’ll tell you to make it easier for you to find what you want and what you’ll like:-)

Tip #1: if you’re looking for a titanium belly button ring, click on “Titanium Body Jewelry”, then on “Titanium Body Jewelry” – one of the 2 categories, and then on “Titanium Belly Button Navel Rings” – one of the 6 categories. These belly rings can’t be found through the Belly Button Rings section.

Tip #2: click on “Bioplast” on the navbar, then – “Belly Ring”. Here you see 83 items. Going this way: “Belly Button Navel Rings” – “Bioplast Belly Rings” you’ll find 75 – you miss out another 8 belly ring styles.

Tip #3: if you want to buy a bunch of cheap belly rings, this is the way to go: click on the navbar “$1.99 Body Jewelry”, then – “$1.99 Belly Button Rings”. Here you’ll find all Body Candy jewelry for bellies that cost just $1.99!

Tip #4: to find spiral belly button rings go this way: click on $1.99 Body Jewelry on the navigation bar; scroll down the next page and on the very left bottom corner of the category square click on $ 1.99 Continuous Circular Spiral Twister – and you’ll arrive there!

Having clicked on “Top Dangle” category, we see belly rings – pictures and prices. To read a description click on the picture:

In the description you can read belly ring’s gauge, length and the material the shaft is made from. Next click on “BUY THIS ITEM NOW”

…and you see this page:

Body Candy offer free shipping (US shipping) if you buy Body Candy jewelry for $25 – on this page you see a reminder how much you lack to qualify for that. And you can choose either to proceed to the checkout or to go back to the shopping, what we’re doing now:

Having chosen belly rings that she found most attractive, my cousin proceeded to secure checkout.

So – click on “Proceed to secure checkout” button when you’ve chosen all the belly rings and – probably other Body Candy jewelry for your body – they have so much in stock!

Now we see a page where we’re asked either to open an account at Body Candy or proceed further without it. I chose the second way without opening an account. Why? As a partner of this online jewelry store I thought I shouldn’t do it. Although, I think you should open the account with Body Candy while shopping with them – read what you’ll gain with it in the screenshot below.

By the way – I’d like to know about your experiences with Body Candy. Are they good to you, is customer service fast – drop all comments to me under “Tell Me What U Think” on the navbar on this guide!

Now we arrive at the online form we you’re asked to fill your details. Fields marked with asterisks are mandatory and I reckon it isn’t hard to fill them all: personal details, address, and credit card info. Don’t worry that you don’t have to enter the security number now – you’ll do it on the next page.

Just above the “Continue Checkout” button you see a “Join Our Mailing List” option – it’s already ticked and if you leave it like that, you’ll receive Body Candy jewelry latest promotions and offers to your e-mail – on a regular basis!

We have to check if all details are correct now, enter the security code from the back of the credit card, add some special notes if you have something, and – “CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE YOUR ORDER”!

YOU’RE THERE! The order is complete and write down your order ID – you might need it afterwards to track your order. If you have any enquiries, you’ll need the order ID, too.

Wasn’t hard, was it? Go to , browse Body Candy jewelry categories, and make your navel special!

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