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Belly Button Piercing

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I couldn’t decide whether or not I wanted to pierce my belly button.

I’d have thought about it a lot, but could never really commit to the idea of it. I didn’t think I fit right criteria, body or attitude wise to get it done. I spent a lot of time researching how they are pierced and what places in my area were the best.

Randomly on a whim the day before my birthday I decided to get my belly button pierced! 🙂

I asked around at school where the best place to get it pierced was. It was between Squids Ink and Pin Cushion.

I had been to Pin Cushion before with my friend to get her nose pierced, it is very clean and well run.

On the other hand Squids Ink was closer and didn’t use a clamp while piercing the navel. After many recommendations, I decided on Squids Ink.

They had a great selection of belly rings with different sizes of gems you could get which I liked. The staff was super nice and polite.

When I first walked in I gave my ID to one of the workers and he wished me a Happy Birthday and I filled out some forms. I was listening to what looked like an average mom or young grandma ask if she could get her nipple rings changed!

It was funny to think that the most unsuspecting people have piercings, which made me think – “If this mom can have nipple piercings, I can have my belly button pierced!” So I did.

My piercer was Joey PriXx. He was really nice and really professional. He knew exactly what he was doing and perfected free hand piercings.

He first swabbed my belly button with a surgical prep (that was the worst part, I hate when people touch the inside of my belly button) then he marked the area he thought was centered, asked my opinion, and double checked to be sure. 😉

Then he told me lay down in the chair and to breathe in and out and that when I breathed out it releases tension in your muscles causing less pain to be felt. So I took a breath in and out and he put the needle in.

He asked if I was feeling OK because I had cut my best friends knuckle open I was squeezing her hand so hard, and I said I was.

He then slipped the jewelry into place and kept pressure on the wound because it was bleeding. He walked me through the aftercare procedures and the heal time and when I can wear larger bars.

Then he taped gauze onto my stomach and gave me a pamphlet and a small package of sea salt to make my saline wash with. It was a painless and fun experience and a decision I’m happy I made!

The piercing still looks good and is healing quickly. I went to an expert and Squids Ink tattoos and piercings is a shop I highly recommend to anyone in the area thinking of getting it done ❗


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