Birthday Surprise!

By Amanda, from CA

It was my friend’s 19th birthday and she and our other friend were out to dinner with her parents. On her way home she called and asked it I wanted to go to Disneyland to hang out for a bit, so I went to her house. When I got there we found out it closed at 8pm that night and it was already after 7pm. Being bored and thinking of ways to make her birthday more exciting I jokingly threw out the idea of getting our belly buttons pierced. She jumped on the idea and we began calling random shops to see if they could do it that night. We found one that said he would wait for us. The piercer was a nice guy. There were three of us so he explained everything three times. Each time he pierced a belly button he made sure to have a conversation with us to keep us calm. The piercing itself was pretty much painless. It was when he was cleaning up after that it started to sting. After we were all done he told us how to take care of the piercing and to call him if we had any questions. Its only been about a onth since I’ve had the piecing and so far it’s healing nicely. Unfortunately for the birthday girl, she got an infection. Not too bad but it’s still uncomfortable. Overall, we are all happy with our piercing and are super glad we were able to find a place that night otherwise it might not have happened.

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