Beyonce Knowles Belly Piercing – The Only Piercing She Has!

Beyonce Knowles Belly Piercing

The gorgeous singer and actress Beyonce Knowles is another of celebrities with belly button rings and as far as I could find on the Net it is the only piercing she has!

As for Beyonce’s belly button rings – I couldn’t find any info when she got pierced and where she shops for her belly rings. And it seems that Beyonce hasn’t opened any jewelry lines featuring belly jewelry. Although – if I find anything, I’ll let you know. And if you do – please, leave a message and write where you found it:-)


  1. You can tell that that is fake. The ring is not aligned properly. When magnified it looks way off. That is why she “doesn’t wear it” anymore. I doubt that she had it in the first place.

  2. Beyonce shows off her belly piercing in her Destiny’s Child ALBUM, THE WRITINGS ON THE WALL. She’s had the piercing since she was in her mid teens. She doesn’t wear it as much as she used to

  3. omg stimmt haha beyonces piercing ist ein fake
    aber sie singt unheimlich gut
    außerdem würde ihr ein piercing bestimmt stehen.
    that piercing looks very like a fake

  4. Well it kinda looks photoshoped cuz if u go close up the belly ring isn’t really on her belly button it starts there but then I go diagnal soo idk

  5. I wonder why she doesn’t wear her navel rings any more?
    When you see her recent pictures you don’t see her wear it….

  6. I have the photograph that Beyonce has navel pierced.
    I think that I had a short period when she wears a navel pierced.
    She should have worn a navel pierced at the time of commercial of the Pepsi Cola.

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