Best Day Of My Life!

By Brianna from York.
 I was 13 when I got my belly button pierced. I knew I wanted it when I started track and saw my friend, MaCayla had one. I had to beg my parents for what seemed like forever to get it.

I had my uncle pierce me, since I was sure he used clean needles. I took MaCayla, and 2 other friends with me. all who had their bellies done too. In the car, I kept pinching myself so I wouldn’t feel a thing. I was terrified, but super excited.

My uncle kept teasing me to hurry up, so I picked a really cute belly ring and headed back after it was sanitized.

My uncle kept teasing me and telling me that it would gush out blood. I nervously laughed. Then he pulled out the needle. I said “Aren’t you gonna use a clamp thing?” I asked. DUMBEST QUESTION EVER! The clamp hurt like heck! It was worse than the needle! The needle got stuck half way in and he had to take it out and re-pierce it! When he put the bar in is when i almost cried. A few seconds later, BAM I was done. I got it for $15 since he was my uncle an loved me so much!

My uncle gave me all this stuff and a booklet to make sure I knew how to clean it properly. My parents were a little annoyed but they got over it. I’ve had it for a year now and I can take it in and out easily. It never got infected, never bled, never got that crusty goop, it was better than my ear piercings!!! I usually go to Piercing Pagoda for my belly rings, because they are adorable! I also go to my uncle’s shop for discounts.

I use barbells, I only like how they look, sometimes the dangly ones. It took 4 months to heal before I changed it for the first time. This was and is the best piercing I ever got. I love swimsuit sseason!


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