Bellybutton Disaster!

By Jessica from Canada.
For my fourteenth birthday, I thought it would be fun to go get my navel piercing done. My dad agreed to take me (my mom said she’d pass out if she took me) and we went to this little alternative/piercing place in the mall.

We got there and the piercer took me into a little room and started scrubbing my belly down. My stomach was stained bright orange for a good day and a half afterwards, so you know.

Once I was clamped and the needle was halfway through, the piercer decided it would be a good idea to have a break or something. She walked away, stretched her legs, and came back and finished. It didn’t hurt and I was super excited it was over. We finished up and went home.

A couple of weeks later, my ring decided to spit the lower part of my bellybutton during the middle of class and start bleeding everywhere! I went back to the place I got it done at and this guy said the person had been fired for too many mistakes on piercings or something,

He took a look and said that she had probably piercd it way too low and while it was healing, it corrected itself and pulled upwards.After that, it got really infected from being an open wound, and took forever to heal. Now I have a big scar (luckily its on the bottom of my ring and its almost completely hidden) 🙁

Moral of the story: ALWAYS find out from other people if piercing shops are reliable or not!

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