Want To Buy Belly Rings Online?

Here’s the best online belly jewelry stores reviewed for you!

It’s not that easy to find belly rings on the Internet that are really spot on. You want to buy that, say, gold belly button ring with a dangling scorpion charm but you’re not sure if it’s the best deal!

And what about quality? Is the online store
reliable for belly piercing shopping?

You’d have to spend many hours to understand how to assess it.

I’ve spent days on searching online body jewelry stores and other jewelry merchants, too. I drilled through the belly button rings and other navel jewelry they offered and compared the prices. Eventually I came up with a number of really good merchants.

I spotted a number of things that you can read and use when you’re looking for a good online jewelry store.

Underneath I’ve arranged online outlets which are, in my opinion, outstanding!

The #1 body online jewelry store to buy navel body jewelry is Body Candy.The navel jewelry they offer is at very low prices and the assortment is wide. Dangling belly rings of all imaginable shapes, animals, flowers and gemstones. They have licensed belly button rings like Playboy, Bioplast rings, gold, silver…in other words – nearly everything is there.

In addition, they offer FREE worldwide shipping!!! which is a great deal!

Do you want to know how I decided to

buy piercings at BodyCandy.com?

Just follow the previous link. If you haven’t been shopping around the Internet and would like to get some basic guidelines how to do it, read
Body Candy jewelry shopping guide.

See how easy it is to buy belly rings at Body Candy!

If you want to buy vintage belly rings then Tribalectic.com is the place you must visit.This online body jewelry store sells top quality body jewelry made in The States – that’s what they’re really proud of! This is the only place on the Net where you can buy body jewelry that is sterile and ready to insert. And a big share of what they sell is internally threaded – the most friendly body jewelry for your piercing. So, if you need a special present or want to have the confidence of possessing a piece of a high quality belly ring – go to Tribalectic.com!

Another great feature of this online store – body piercing community with forums, pictures and useful aftercare information, too. So this is not only a place for shopping – get info, express your opinion, find friends:-)

Click here for great body jewelry

BodyJewelleryShop.com – The best in fresh, hip, bold and trendy body jewellery! This online jewelry store ships from UK, assortment is great and prices are low!

This online jewelry store has a great site navigation – you can choose your belly button ring by many criteria. They also offer internally threaded jewelry and you can buy a mammoth belly rings here – yes! – a real mammoth ivory. By the way – take a look what
belly button ring I bought at Body Jewellery Shop.

No doubt – if you live in UK (in fact, no matter where you live, you should check it out since this body jewelry merchant shops belly rings to US for free if you spend over $20!), visit BodyJewelleryShop.com!

This online jewelry store also has piercing aftercare info, a forum, piercing videos and photo gallery.


PainfulPleasures.com is one of the biggest online body jewelry stores along with others mentioned above and has a wide range of belly rings.

This online jewelry store caters for those interested in bulk amounts, too. There are two levels available – wholesale and distributor. The first one is for businesses buying for at least $100. Distributor’s level starts at $500 and the prices are really low then!

Along with tons of body jewelry there’s a great piercing community at PainfulPleasures.com – piercing stories, pictures, FAQ’s and forums – lots of useful and exciting information!

AlluringBody.com – diamond belly rings.

This online jewelry store sells exclusively diamond body jewelry and navel jewelry makes the biggest part of their assortment.

Unlikely from the previous retailers which are large businesses, this online store is a small business but not of a less quality. I really like the way this website looks, the product information is comprehensive and in addition they offer free shipping, 30 day return guarantee and a free gift box with every piece of jewelry.

And it is the way it should be – the diamond belly rings you’ll find here ain’t cheap at all;-)

AlluringBody.com online jewelry store

When you’re looking for an online jewelry store, there are a few things to remember.

  • Avoid merchants who have non-professional look – flashy and colorful website doesn’t represent a serious, long-term business.
  • Download
    Alexa toolbar

    to see the page’s traffic rank. Smaller rank means more people visit that page and you can be more confident about that online jewelry store. Everything under 100,000 is a very serious business.

  • – Firefox for a better browsing and toolbar for you to see the page rank of the website – trustworthy online stores should have page rank of about 3 at least.
  • The bigger the belly rings merchant is – the less likely you’ll have any troubles with it. But how to assess the size? Simply – open Google.com and enter this line:site:http://www.the-domain-of-the-store.com

    and hit enter. Google will show you how many pages of the particular domain it has indexed. The more pages – the more piercings the store has and more serious in business it is.

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  1. Just want you all to know that these jewelries that you buy on-line are not sterilized, so it’s best that you buy them and bring them to one of your local piercing shops and have your jewelries sterilized in an autoclave, it’s probably cost you $5-$10 extra, but you will be safe from infection and other stuff causing by unsanitary jewelries.

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