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Read on to see why you’re better off finding out about the body jewelry store a bit more before buying belly piercings

There are more and more body jewelry stores emerging on the Internet and it’s hard to guess which one is good and which isn’t. However, the body jewelry manufacturers of the belly button rings they sell often are the same. Nearly all piercings in the cheap price range have been produced in Asian factories.

If the body jewelry store sells belly button rings made in the States or Europe by famous brands it will certainly be mentioned. And the price, of course, will be much higher. Let alone the quality – no matter how good the Asian piercings are their quality isn’t as high as that of indigenous production.

Anyway – unless you have very high quality expectations or you want to buy a belly button ring for a special occasion – there’s nothing wrong with buying body jewelry at affordable price. The majority of belly button rings are sold in the price range starting at below $2 and ending at around $15.

There are, of course, more costly belly rings – with sophisticated dangles, high quality materials like titanium, gold and with silver endings. But if you’re looking forward to buying some 10 piercings you’ll spend less than $80 and will be able to sport a new great belly ring every day of the week!

Then why is it important to choose a reliable body jewelry seller?

At first, the quality of belly rings.

Even though of Asian origin, quality varies greatly – there are belly rings of plated materials of unknown composition that can really badly affect your belly piercing when the plating starts chipping off.

Actually it it suggested not to wear plated belly button rings if you can go for pure materials instead – stainless steel, titanium, bioplast and gold. But if you make the decision to buy plated belly button rings you have the rights to know the exact features of the piercing.

However, some stores – even good looking ones – sell plated titanium belly rings as pure titanium. Well, this is unacceptable because customers have to be given all the rights to choose free what they buy and such disinformation dramatically reduces the credibility of the online merchant.

Secondly, the customer service plays a significant role. Fast shipping, online order tracking, belly ring exchange in case of faulty items, quick response on e-mails is what you expect when spending your money. A decent record of customer feedback is the basic indicator of a great belly button ring retailer.

At third, some of the retailers even have comprehensive piercing information, piercing forums, picture galleries and piercing stories – this all adds to the value you’ll get and enhances the belly ring shopping experience as you’ll learn more from the advice of others.

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