Belly Piercing – Weight and Weight Loss

pierce1_fbuIt’s a touchy subject to some – if you’re overweight should you get pierced? In my book, there’s no issue – if you want a piercing just get it!!

How does it look? Does it look better if you’re carrying less weight? Check out the pictures and judge for yourself. Let’s be honest – most fat people will shy away from belly piercings because they know they wont show them off – ever. If you’re 50lbs overweight, the chances of wearing a belly top are pretty slim. But if you are carrying weight and have the self confidence to show it off, then you’re amazing and we love you!! Please send in a picture and tell us your story and we will show your piercing to the world!

There are some things you should consider if you are overweight and considering getting your belly pierced. Healing complications can arise if your navel folds in and disappears when you sit. There is a very high probability that the belly piercing wound will have to endure mechanical stresses in this situation. If you have the same problem when standing, then a belly piercing should not be considered. The bigger person can get their navel pierced if they don’t have this issue.
Healing time for belly button piercing wounds can be 6-9 months. Belly piercing wounds take longer to heal than any other type of piercing. Increased fat around the abdominal area may extend healing time, meaning that it could take even longer to heal your piercing wound.
If you are overweight and diabetic, you should not consider having your belly button pierced as the complications can be more severe.

If you’re considering losing some weight and don’t know whether to get your belly pierced now or wait a until you’ve lost the weight, get it done now!! A beer belly is suited to piercing and as you lose weight, there should be no adverse effect on your belly piercing.
belly button_fbu (1)
However, as mentioned above, if your belly button folds in and disappears even when standing, please lose some weight before piercing.

There is some evidence to suggest that rapid weight loss or rapid weight gain can be problematic with a new, fresh piercing. Your belly button piercing may not if-my-parents-found-out-about-my-belly-piercingsettle as it would normally. However, it’s unlikely to happen if you choose a normal diet plan.

So what’s the conclusion? Get the piercing, don’t get the piercing? We all have the right to choose and whatever decision you make is the right one for you. Please don’t judge others’ decision to get their belly pierced – live your life your way and allow others to do the same.

Whether you’re a bit overweight or not, don’t take the decision to get your belly button pierced lightly. It takes time and patience and you have to commit  to an aftercare regime. At Belly Button Rings Guide, we love belly piercings and do our best to give free, impartial advice to everyone considering getting their belly button pierced. If you have any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re always here to help and advise you.


  1. I had my belly button pierced when I was 18. I’ve had 2 kids in my early 20’s. I was able to repierce it after both kids. Now I’m 37 and I was overweight but lost 50 lbs over the past year. Now that I’m down to a healthy weight at 150, the skin where I had it pierced is loose and wrinkly. Will the skin tighten back up over time? I took my belly button ring out because it looked weird and I am hoping it will tighten back up?

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