Belly Piercing Procedure – What Should You Expect?

Belly Piercing ProcedureIf you have done your homework to find a professional and licensed piercer with a good reputation, he or she will probably tell you what to expect during the belly piercing procedure.

Still, it helps to do a bit of research and get some information beforehand. Some of us can get pretty nervous just before the actual piercing is done. You do not have to get all worked up in suspense. So here is a quick run-through on the belly piercing procedure.

Once you arrive at the piercer’s, he or she will talk to you and show you the equipment to assure you it is sterile and single use.
Next, they will mark the place where the piercing is going to be done.
Some piercers will use some kind of solution to numb the area so you don’t find it painful.
Now, the clamps are put in place and you will be asked to inhale.
When you exhale, the needle ought to be through.
The next step is to get the barbell through the piercing.
Some piercers will fix a sterile dressing on the piercing so that it does not graze against your clothing.
You will receive aftercare instructions to look after the belly piercing to prevent it from getting infected and to heal quickly!

That is what you can expect from the belly piercing procedure. You are not supposed to touch the piercing except to clean it. Any crust like stuff must be removed carefully. The jewelry must not be removed for at least two to three months to ensure that the piercing heals properly. Also avoid wearing clothing that is tight over the piercing!

Now that you know what a belly piercing procedure involves, you need to bear in mind some important points. Make sure piercer marks the spot to be pierced and uses clamps. Clamps ensure that your piercing is straight. Otherwise, you might end up with a crooked piercing. 😯 The right amount of skin must be pierced because if too little skin is pierced, your belly ring will migrate and that is not fun.

After the belly piercing procedure is done, the piercing can tend to look a bit red. Don’t worry. It is better to tell the piercer if you are allergic to any metal so that you may wear Bioplast, which is body friendly. Most people adjust well to surgical steel and titanium!

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  1. Thanks, helped a lot. Can you actually get the piercer to numb it? Because I don’t take pain all that well. Does it cost more? Do you just have to ask for it? Do all piercing places do it?

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