Myths About Belly Piercing

Belly Piercing Myths

Did the ancient belly dancers have belly piercing? And what about the ancient Egyptians?…

I guess we’ve all seen middle-east belly dancers on the TV shaking their sexy midriffs…And of course, belly chains around their waists and belly piercing in their navels.

However, the truth is a bit different. Accordingly to a number of info sources I found on the Net, the belly dancers of the old days DIDN’T have belly button piercing!

The myth of the belly dancers having belly button piercings was created in the early 20th century by Hollywood producers trying to get around the Hayes Code – high morale standards for motion picture production. Among many things this code forbade…exposing bare belly buttons on the screens:-)

They found a smart solution – jewel glued in the belly button. This way the very navel was covered and not visible – but at the same time the actors didn’t have to cover their waists and spoil all the appearance as belly dancers.

Since those days the jewels have changed into belly button rings and this has been adapted by nearly all the western belly dancing industry. And we all believe it’s a common practice of traditional belly dancing!

Some sources say that navel piercing has been a practise of nobles in the ancient Egypt – pharaohs and close standing persons had pierced their navels as a sign of their royalty.

And again – this is a fad. There are no records in history that would suggest the ancient Egyptian royalty have had belly piercings.

Of course, there might be some occasions of individual navel piercings. However, it is widely recognised that belly button piercing is purely an appearance of modern times having started in late 70ies and gained worldwide popularity by the early 90ies.

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  1. i wanna get my belly button pierced.. aome one told me if youu get it too early when you grow it will move it the truth or a myth???

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