Belly piercing jewelry threading – internal and external

How belly button rings are threaded and what’s better for you!

Belly piercing jewelry manufacturers make belly button rings differently – some use methods that reduce the costs, some think more about piercing safety. Threading is one of the things you can consider before buying belly piercing jewelry.

Belly rings can be threaded internally or externally. Let me explain you the difference between these two.

  • Most of the belly body jewelry is threaded externally – the shaft is threaded at the end so that it can be screwed into the ball.
  • Some belly button rings, though, have internal threading. In this case, there are small threads outside the ball. The belly ring has a recess with threads in it where the ball is screwed in.

Is there a big difference? – you may ask. If you choose between internally and externally threaded belly button rings, the priority should go to the first one.

The reason is quite simple – when you’re inserting your belly piercing jewelry, the shaft is rubbing against the skin inside of your piercing. And what happens when the shaft has threads on it? – yes, it can tear and damage the tender skin. Particularly – if the piercing has just healed.

Many body jewelry online stores don’t indicate what kind of threading have the piercings they sell. In this case you can be pretty sure it’s external threading – if it was internal, it’d be said showing this extra feature.

Bottom line?

Although piercing threading plays some role, I think it isn’t the crucial thing. If you like some belly piercing jewelry and it’s good quality – go for it!

If, on the other hand, you want to take a particular care of your piercing and you want to find the best body jewelry for it – check out our range of internally threaded body jewelry HERE at very affordable prices! 😉

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