Ginger and Her Friend Get Belly piercings in a dream – and after belly piercing for real!

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September 2007, Ginger, Crestwood, Kentucky, United States

Hi I’m Ginger I was 17 going on 18 teen years old in a couple of weeks so one night I had this dream that me and my friend met at a race track and show off our new belly button rings to one another.

So the when I wake up the next day I was like “man I want to get my belly button pierced” so I ask my mom and she said “it’s not a good idea because you could get a infection and it will make you look bad”.

I just kept on bugging her and then finally she was like okay “I’m fine with it. Let me talk to your dad and see what he says”. So the next day she tells me that dad says it’s okay because I’m about to turn 18 in two weeks.

So I jump up grab a phone book and start looking through the phone book for body piercing shops in Louisville and finally I found one called Body Art Emporium.

I went there and man I was nerves and so this guy sits me in a dentist like chair and tells me how to take care of it while he is getting every thing prepared and so then he tells me to stand up so he can mark the hole.

Then I sit back down he clamps me and then tells me to take a deep breath in and blow out then he sticks the needle through and it just felt like someone pinched me and then I payed him.

I have had my belly button pierced for five months know and man I love it! I think belly rings are so pretty and I bought my first four belly rings at

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