Belly piercing at 16.

By Brianna from Cameron.
Brianna's Beautiful Belly PiercingFor my 16th birthday my mom wanted to do something special since I wasn’t able to get my liscence so she asked if I wanted to get my belly button pierced and of course I said yes, I was so excited!

My mom did the research and we decided to go to eau claire which was an hour away. We took my mom, my boyfriend and my moms best friend. I wasn’t nervous on the way there but as soon as we got there I was really scared. I walked in there and it was really nice inside.


the guy was kind of scary because all his tattoos and he had bumpy implants in his arm, but he was super nice. I got to pick out the jewelry and the guy led me and one person into the back room. I picked my boyfriend.

He showed me everything was starile and had me stand up so he could put the dot on my tummy. it looked good so i layed down on the table. He didn’t use a clamp. i thought he was just poking me with the needle to position it but it turns out he was piercing it! I was so surprised.

It was not as bad as I thought.

He told me to wash it twice a day with nonscented soap. it actually took a while to heal, almost 6th months, but i changed it almost right away which wasn’t a good idea. I love it so much. I love changing it and stuff. my favorite belly button ring was only $6. I plan on getting more piercings. I’m actually getting my tragus done in less than a week, and I’m really nervous about how bad that will hurt.

After my belly button piercing everyone wanted to take pictures and stuff. We went out to eat at olive garden and it didn’t hurt to sleep on at all. Just a little sore, especially when it caught on my clothes :/ I like telling people the story, because I want them to have a good piercing experiance too. Hope this helps (: x.

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