Belly Pierced w/o parents

By Loke, Hawaii, US

Belly Piercing Story

I have always been thinking about getting my belly button pierced. Everytime I went into stores like Icing’s or Spencers, i always see the nice, sparkly dangling kine inside the glass cases, and I’ll be like, “i want that one!!”

Well, i was talking about it to my boyfriend about what his opinion about getting it pierced, and he it’s up to me. The only thing is that my parents didn’t approve of it, but as a rebellious teen, you know, i gotta have it. 😆

So in sku i looked for some places that had some decent piercing studios, and i found one that accepted walk-ins, and no consent for people that are ages 16 and 17. I was soooo excited, so i told my boyfriend, and we went the next day.

I was SUPER nervous that day. 😕 I asked numerous amounts of people about the pain, and i got different variety of answers. As i was walking up the stairs, i was thinking, I cant believe i’m doing this. When we finally got in, the place was very clean, and the people that worked there was really cool.

I just filled out a piece of paper, and picked my jewelry, and he made me wait for like 8 minutes so the jewelry and the needle and stuff can be sterilized. It was a dreading 8 minutes waiting. Then he finally called me in, and i seen him take out the needle, and that’s wen i started to get scared. It all started to look like the youtube videos i have watched on people getting their belly pierced.

He told me to lift up my shirt so he can mark where the piercing can be, then told me to lie down. I felt the clamp pinching my skin, which really didn’t feel like anything at all. Then he just said, “Take a deep breath in….. and let it out.” All i felt was a small pinch, and that was it! The only thing that i felt was a little aching pain when he put in the jewelry.

He was really nice too. Even though he just told me to clean it 3-4 times a day and i should be fine, i did my research beforehand so that i kinda had a brief overview of what to expect, like the crusting around the hold and stu!

I just wash it twice a day, and sea salt soak it for 5-10 minutes everyday. I heard the beach is also good for it too.

I was so happy after, and even though it ached a little, i just took advil, and i was fine! The whole process took about five minutes! And it feels okay; there’s some disharge coming from it, but friends and internet sources say it’s normal, however, idk about the bump i kind of feel between the two holes.

It’s been two weeks and around a week and a half from getting it, i changed the ring to a dangly one (i know ppl say not to, but i don’t leave it in for a long period of time, such as a day), and it seems okay!! i think it’s okay to do so, just not for a long time; well, you know your body.

This experience was so fun. Usually, i’m scared of EVERYTHING, and for me to say it’s fun, means its not that bad. If i could, i would do it again. Well, if someone can help me, try look at my pic and see if its normal for my piercing to look like this. Thanks for reading !! 🙂


  1. the bump is the ring and mine looks exactly like that and its not infected. lol i think i have that same ring in.

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