Get to know shielded belly button rings – orbital belly jewelry!

When I saw these, I thought – yes, this is something…

This belly jewelry I like in particular – navel orbitals, also called belly shields. They come in many styles – some look like tribal signs, some make me recall Aliens – remember those creatures in futuric shapes? You can also get a belly shield that looks like a flower or a twisted dolphin.

Orbital belly jewelry is great because you can remove it when you want – it slips off the bananabell easily. You can have a few belly button rings and belly shields and combine different shapes and gemstones. Just put the navel orbital on a different belly ring – and you have a new piece of body jewelry!

Here you’ll find silver circular orbitals – tribal, pentagram, Celtic, flower shapes and such orbitals as wings, cross, and those Alien sort of belly shields called insectoids (maybe there’s a resemblance with insects?).

You can go to Body Jewellery yourself and check out the belly shields and other belly jewelry. I’ll tell you how to do it. Visit for high quality body jewellery, piercing tools and accessories.

Then click on “Jewellery Material” – look at the screenshot below and see where there’s a red circled cursor.

When you’re on the next page, see where to click further – on “Navel Orbitals”:

And finally you arrive at Silver Navel Orbitals – yes, they’re made of sterling silver, and can be put on all standard belly button rings with 8mm bottom ball.

By the way – sometimes it is hard to find something particular, like in this case – shielded belly jewelry. If you didn’t know that you had to go through silver body jewelry to find navel orbital, you just wouldn’t find it.

I had to follow my own guide to find them after some time had passed and I wanted to find a belly shield one day – strange, isn’t it? Remember – – The best in fresh, hip, bold and trendy body jewellery! Visit this store and find great shielded belly jewelry… and not only;-)

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