Belly Hell…

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Belly Piercing Story

So, I have wanted this navel piercing for 3 – 4 years but have always been told no, as I was turning sixteen my mum and dad new that there was nothing stopping me when I was legal to go and get it pierced myself – in fact I can go get any piercing I want now! 😉

They both agreed to it and I went into town with my friends, my auntie had taken me to the piercing shop and signed the papers for me. The place looked really clean and I was really nervous standing at the desk I honestly thought I was going to faint.

While waiting in line the person that was doing the piercings shouted down: “I need someone to come with a mop, bucket and clean thing this girl has just been sick, fainted and is now bleeding!”

I started to freak out even more at this point but, I had been told by lots of people that Snicker bars are really good to eat before getting a piercing to stop you fainting because of the sugar content in it – something like that anyway… So I ate one before going into the shop.

I looked at some belly bars but I already knew what one I wanted, light blue because the blue crystal in it looks like my star sign stone and goes with my skin tone 🙂

I got really nervous waiting in line and it was pretty quick, 1 person went in for 2 seconds, comes out next person goes in it was really quick.

I finally went in and gave the guy my slip and picked my belly bar out, they guy started asking me questions and having a conversation with me which I liked because it relaxed me a bit. He cleaned my belly button and then got his pen and marked it and looked at me: “have you had this done before?”

I laughed “Um, I tried to do it myself but I regret it so much” he laughed back and nodded “Yeah, I’m guessing that would have been hard!” I agreed but I’m gonna be honest – never try doing it yourself cause it hurts like hell and yeah, you will do it wrong.

I then lay down on the bed thing (have no idea what they are called!) and he showed me opening a new needle and if they don’t show you then go somewhere else or tell them you want to witness that it’s a brand new needle cause you don’t want a used one do you?

I put my hand behind my head and wanted to see everything that was going in around me, usually they use a clamp but he never did it for mine he just used the needle ❗

I’m gonna be fully serious with you all – it hurt so ******* bad, I could’ve cried but I’m sure it was because he never clamped it because of the pressure it would have numbed it but, mine was just pain, PAIN, PAIN.

He told me he was putting the belly bar and put the little ball on which took forever because it kept falling off. He put a plaster over it and made sure it wasn’t bleeding or anything before he did.

He gave me a sheet with cleaning instructions on it and healing time he wrote 6 months on mine but, I think he may have meant 6 weeks.

I only paid £15 for mine which I though was really good and the piercing is really nice and is healing nicely! 😉

* * *

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  1. Oh hey I did that! I got my belly pierced in high school and had always wanted a diamond bellyring. A small one, since my budget has never been huge. Still hadn’t gotten around to it when I graduated from college, got stuck in a boring office job and one day on the way home from work, impulsively entered a piercing parlor and got a second piercing, one on the bottom rim of my belly button. I’ve never known why, but I wanted to rebel against something. I also had been single for awhile after a bad break up and…kind of wanted someone to touch my bare flesh, even if they were clamping and sticking a needle into my belly. Anyway, the adrenaline high from it lasted for months, as I went through the healing process and was reminded every time I looked at it that I was waaay cooler than my boring life suggested.

    Anyway, with two piercings to feed and clothe, I STILL did not have my long awaited belly bling by my mid twenties when the bf and I were seriously considering getting hitched. One night, in the midst of some, ahem, steamy play, he says he has a present for me. He opens a small box and there is the most beautiful bellyring I have ever seen – a dangle with 3 (!!!) diamonds in a row! I was gushing about it so much it took me a moment to realize he was blushing and asking me to marry him. I immediately said yes and unscrewed my top ball, took out my old ring, and slipped it in, his hands shaking. I couldn’t believe how beautiful my belly looked, I just wanted to share it with everyone. “Showing the ring” became a fun game with my co-workers, a few of us sneaking into the bathroom at work, giggling like middle schoolers, where I could surreptitiously untuck my blouse and bare a little belly flesh to show them I was engaged.

    At the wedding, I wore separates, like your friends, and the engagement ring – now modified to dangle from my lower piercing, with a blue stone at the top, followed by the three diamonds – my “something blue” (it was so hard giving up the ring for the last few weeks before the wedding while it was being re-made – aahhh I’d wanted that ring for so long and now I had to wait to get it back!!!!). My first piercing, the one at the top of my belly button, was empty, waiting for that moment when he slipped a small gold captive bead ring into it, marrying me in front of our closest friends. Immediately after, a piercer friend of our helped tighten it down. 5 years and it’s still in there, an enduring symbol of our marriage! I’m all about blending traditions so this was perfect for me!

  2. ohmigosh what a beautiful story!!!!! soooo sad about what happened to laura but that is so amazing that you’ve kept it in so long to remember her.

    never really thought about how our belly buttons show our years the way our faces do – we end up with different belly buttons in different parts of our lives – childhood, teens with a yearning for decoration and display, adults with hidden secrets, mamas with the mark of all our babies forever signed on us. it’s sweet tho, that you a special new life stirring underneath the memorial of someone you had been close to you. does the baby’s kick ever move the piercing?

    i hope hope hope you can put the old piercing in after you have the baby. Your belly button will never look the same again but maybe Jeff will be more into it once it reminds him of how you carried his baby all those months!

    A question for others up here: do you know anyone else who got a piercing with someone to commemorate a special life event? A friend of mine was at an alt burner community wedding on the beach in CA where two women exchanged matching belly rings instead of traditional wedding rings. They wore skirts and crop tops in place of dresses so that they could put them in during the ceremony.

  3. My bellybutton piercing is really special to me. My best friend, Laura, and I got our bellies done together, way back when we were 15. We’d talked about it secretly for awhile, it was our way of experimenting as “bad girls”, lol.

    Anyway, I still remember the night before we did it, I was over at her house. Her parents were out of town and I was spending the weekend with her so we could get them done and “recover” together, without our parents knowing. This weekend was practically made for this plan, since it was the first weekend after school started and thus bikini season was over for the summer. This would give our new piercings plenty of time to heal before we would be swimming next summer. We were stretched out on her bed, shirts up, fingering our bellybuttons, joking that it was our bellybuttons’ last night of “virginity”. Laura leaned over and gently slipped her finer inside mine, feeling it’s depth and narrow walls. “You’ve got the perfect belly button for this” she said. “I wish mine looked as elegant yours”. Mine was tall, narrow and deep. Laura’s mostly an innie, with a bump inside, like it was thinking about emerging as an outie. “When we get them pierced with the same jewelry, it won’t matter because we’ll match” I said. “We’ll always be belly button twins”.

    The next day we rode our bikes to the next county to the closest place we could find that would pierce us without our parents’ permission. The song playing on the radio in the piercing parlor was taTu’s “All the Things She Said” (omg, 2003….) We picked out matching barbells with small blue stones. Laura, brave as always, went first into the back room. They wouldn’t let me watch since I was next and they didn’t want me to chicken out. When it was my turn, Laura stayed with me, since her piercing was done. As the clamps tightened on my skin I clenched her hand. She told me to breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth, like I was having a baby. It helped and the pain, sharp as it was, was bearable because she was there.

    We biked home on adrenaline and spent the west of the weekend soaking our new piercings in salt water and taking about a million belly pics together (I guess they’d be called belly selfies now?) We spent hours looking at belly rings online, dreaming about the dangling ones we would get together when our piercings healed.

    We never did get those rings. Six months later Laura was killed in a car accident. At that time, our piercings were still a secret from our parents and I’m sure they were shocked to discover, after her death, that their sweet little girl had belly bling. I’ve never known if they took it out for her burial or not, I didn’t know how to ask. All I know is that I’ve never changed the ring, never taken it out, since it is my connection to Laura. I think of her every time I look at it in the shower.

    Which brings me to my present dilemma – I’m now 26 weeks pregnant. I’ve been keeping the ring in as long as I can, putting off the inevitable, but my belly button is SORE and STRETCHED! My bellybutton has migrated too so the piercing is no longer centered in my tummy crater, it’s about a full inch north of it. It’s time it comes out and I have a flexible pregnancy ring ready to replace it with. My boyfriend, Jeff, thinks I should give up on the piercing altogether and let it close up since I never have it on display anymore (I work at a law firm which keeps me pretty covered up). He has just about exclusive viewing rights of my bellybutton these days and bellybutton piercings aren’t his thing. But….I can’t. Not only is my piercing a reminder of my pre-pregnancy belly, it’s my memorial to Laura. Jeff made my belly beautiful with this pregnancy and Laura made my belly beautiful by convincing me to get bellybutton pierced.

    I’m going to try to have it both ways. I hope the pregnancy ring will preserve my piercing so that I can put my old piercing back in after I have the baby. Fingers crossed since I already have an outie from my baby bulge and my older sister, who used to have a very similar bellybutton to my old one, still has a small outie, 3 years after the birth of her daughter. I’ll probably never look the way I did in those belly pics, my bellybutton swollen and red with fresh piercing on a skinny 15 year old’s belly. But I hope I can still be bellybutton twins with Laura.

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