Belly Chain Emphasises Your Whole Waist – Not Only Navel!

Have a navel piercing? Or don’t? In either case you can wear a belly chain wrapped around your body…

Belly Button Chain

A belly chain accents your navel and your waist – they add a kind of oriental touch to a woman’s body.

There are two kinds of belly chains – ones that can be worn without having a belly button piercing and those to be attached to a navel ring.

Non-piercing belly chains

Some non-piercing belly chains have an emphasis on the lower back where the two ends coming from either flank come together and descend. They may have the design of a tribal tattoo.

Others are simpler with little charms dangling at the chain and without any additional back ornaments.

Belly chains for a pierced belly button

Chains that come together with belly rings are usually attached to an adornment of the bottom ball. Many of these have additional dangles or short chains hanging from the rings and the adjustable chain’s ends – they can be adjusted according to¬†waist size – hang from the belly ring, too.

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