Belly button scare!

By Barbara, Durant

Belly Piercing Story

Four months ago, I decided to get my belly button pierced. I begged and begged my mom, and finally, she let me! 🙂

I was so excited that I ran to my bestfriend’s house, grabed her, and headed to the nearest tattoo parlor. When we got there, I was shaking so bad I was making myself sick. We told the owner what I wanted and he took me back. He was setting up the supplies, while I was making sure I really wanted to do this. I couldn’t decide… 😕

The piercer, Eric, was craking jokes to make me feel better (I was 14 at the time). He said he woke up that morning saying “I can’t wait to stab someone in the stomach!”

This of course made me feel worse. After an hour of deciding, I chose to go through with it. My best friend was holding my hand and Eric told me to breath in. I did and he said “All done!” I looked up at him, laughing, thinking he was joking.

I looked down at my belly button and saw that is was pierced! 😯 I laughed so hard knowing that I had made a complete fool of myself making everything worse than it really was. Eric looked at me and asked if it had really hurt as bad as I thought it would. “I didn’t even feel it!” I shouted!!

It only took about three months to heal, and changing it out didn’t hurt either! I love mine and definitely recomend you to go to caddo, oklahoma to Parker’s tattoo and get it done there! Eric Parker is completely sanitary and he only charges $20.00 even for ANY piercing!

I love having mine pierced!!!! 😀


  1. hello, i was wondering what tattoo place eric parker works at … i live in okc and wanting to get my bellt button pierced

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