The best belly button rings websites

Here I have collected the best belly button rings websites. There are online jewelry stores and wholesalers along with piercing and body modification sites. These are the best in the field. Most of the online jewelry stores sell full range of body jewelry, so no matter what kind of piercing you’ll be looking for – it’s there.

Searching the Net I’ve come across many other interesting places – jewelry guides, fashion accessories and others. I included them as well – if you want to buy belly button rings, other accessories are important to make that perfect look!

Body Candy

Purchase belly button rings here and you’ll get great prices, huge assortment and immediate customer service. This is one of the best navel ring stores on the Net selling other fashion stuff as well – rings, necklaces, bracelets, belt buckles, cell phone charms…This online jewelry store is superb!

Vintage navel jewelry at Tribalectic

This store offers the highest quality navel jewelry and if you’re looking for a really good belly ring – you’ll find it there. They have a large online piercing community – forums, piercing videos and lots of navel piercing information, doctors advices, FAQs.

Click here for great body jewelry – The best in fresh, hip, bold and trendy body jewellery!

Belly button rings in a great diversity of materials, good prices, structured store. If you live in Europe, this is the closest online store. This website also has a forum, galleries and piercing information.

Body jewelry online store including good navel piercing and aftercare info. They also cater for wholesalers and distributors.

Here you’ll find the top quality diamond belly button rings. They offer stunningly beautiful wrapped up diamond belly rings, free shipping and 30-day no hassle returns!

Among belly rings they offer there are great navel orbitals, hand set gems guaranteed to never fall out and nickel free gold navel rings.

468x60 Navel
Body jewelry online store selling loads of belly button rings and other body jewelry. They also have other fashion stuff – bags, belts, belt buckles.
Very cheap body jewelry store. The more you buy, the cheaper you pay for one item. If you’re looking for wholesale belly rings – they sell big amounts, too.
Belly button rings only – here you’ll see styles that can’t be seen anywhere else. Especially I liked blown glass belly rings.
Most of belly rings they have in stock are surgical steel dangling belly rings.
A really stylish body jewelry store with a huge belly button ring assortment. They have belly chains, belly dancing books and DVDs, non piercing and organic jewelry and much more!

Body Modification EZine
This is the biggest piercing and body modification community online. They have tons of pictures, stories, recommendations and much more. To enjoy full access to their resources, you’ll have to subscribe, but believe me – it’s worth it!

Ms.Piercing – Belly rings
A great online body jewelry retailer selling body jewelry up to 80% cheaper than retail prices and offering 15 days money back guarantee. Shipping is low as well and over $30 US orders – FREE!

18K Gold Jewelry
Get that perfectly radiant feeling that you can get in no other way than by wearing a pair of 18K gold Hoop Earrings!

Blue Jeans And Fashion Accessories
A comprehensive guide to finding the perfect pair of blue jeans. Emphasis is placed on understanding the difference between fit, cut, style, washes and finding the best fit for a specific body type.

Travel – Real Estate – Great Life Style
Faxts is about travel, real estate and a great life style.

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