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MY belly RING!!!

so im 16 and i got my belly pierced! i was soooo happy that i got it done …it kinda scared me the first few weeks cut it was all brused. but its

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Naval Nightmare!

I recently got my bellybutton pierced per the advice of my 25-year-old boyfriend. I was too young to get one legally (I’m fourteen), so Ryan

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Pain free and so very worth it!!

Lets just make this short and sweet. I was sooo scared to do this. I was about to have a panic attack in the shop because my mom previously scared me

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My first real piercing.

Ok so I’m a really big wuss first of all. I nearly pass out everytime I get a shot or anytime I know a needle will be poking me. I almost passed out

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My Belly Button Piercing:O

Okay i have been asking my mum for weeks and shes finally said yes! So we went to this place in westport in scotland and its called Spacey’s Bizarre

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My new ultra cute belly ring!

I just got my pierced today, and I was excited, but yet nearvous, and I am 13. I wanted mine done because I think they are sooo cute, and I wanted to

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So…I have a tight stomach…..

heads up to any1 that plans on gettin their belly pierced….DO NOT STUFF YOUR FACE WITH FOOD BEFORE GETTING IT DONE!!! i got mine done in miami a

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Belly Piercing Story – My belly ring pic

Hi i posted story on here a while ago called bad words & swimming I said i was getting my belly re-done heres A picture!

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I¨m lovin¨

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Abs make a huge diff!

I’ve been working out a lot and lost over 20 lbs and got a really nice defined stomach, so I finally got the guts to pierce my belly button as a mark

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my piercing =)

I went to get my belly pierced todayy with my mum and my freind and i was sooo nervous! i went to a popular shop that had been reccomended by my

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The Difference between Real and Fake Diamond Belly Rings

Did you know some diamond belly rings are actually fake and therefore they tend to be a lot cheaper than real diamond belly rings? So just how do you tell the difference?

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Belly Piercing Story – MY NAVEL PIERCING!!!

belly piercing storiesIt was May 3, 2008 and I had just turned 17 the day before! I had been begging my mother since I was 13 to let me get my belly button pierced and like most mothers, she always said no.

We were on vacation in San Antonio at the time and I continued to beg her. He no’s and turned into maybe and then into a yes!!!

I was so excited I offered to pay for it with my own birthday money(it wasnt very expensive either)…

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my first belly piercing

i was 12 years old and i nagged my mother to death for my belly to be pierced for my 13th birthday and i was amazed when she sed yes. i had it done a

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for real?!

Okay, so, im 14 and i just got mine done about a week ago. I had always looked at belly button rings in the stores and always found ones I wanted to

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my belly button piercing

i thought about it for over 2 weeks before. My mum had it done three years ago and my sister 4 years. I’m 14 and today i went in and had my navel

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So I had been wanting my belly button pierced for like 2 years. My mom always said no, even though when my sister pierced her own nose my mom let her

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Belly Piercing Story – 3 months later all changed!!! lol (part 2)

belly piercing storyWell I got my first belly button piercing at 13 years old and don’t regret it lol (mind the pelling in a hurry) lol

So I’m 15 now and 3 months ago i got the lower part done and it’s all fresh now and clean not quiet healed yet though lol, but can chande it and stuff

So it was 18 pounds 4 the top and 20 pounds for the lower prt heeheee not alot eh lol

Here’s Louise’s first story: My Double Navel

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Belly Piercing Story – Because I’m Famous

belly piercing storyHello there friends, I’m Sky Elizabeth, and this is my belly piercing story.

About 5 months ago, in March, I decided I wanted to pierce my belly button. I wanted to pierce it because it was about 3 months before school ended.

I wanted to be the first kid in my eighth grade class to get one because I heard, or so I thought, that the popular girl in my class was going to get hers done.

I wanted to show people that I wasn’t the little princess they thought I was. I was 14, I still am, and I figured my parents would never allow me to pierce my navel, but i asked my mom anyways. She normally never lets me get away with anything, but my father step is more religious, so I figured my best bet was to ask my mom…

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My Belly Bar =]

well it was almost my 15th birthday and i really wanted my belly pierced but i thought my mum would say no. a couple of weeks later i manged to get

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Belly Piercing Story – Mii Navel Story..Lol

I Was 13 When I Got Mii Navel Pierced..

The Only Reason I Wanted it Done Was Because It Was Sumthing Nobody At Schewl Had.So I Begged Mii Parents For Months On End..

Until They Finally Said Yes,I Was Sooo Happy.So Tha Following Weekend We Went To Tha Mall To Get It Pierced. Me && Mii Bestie Walked In Told Them What I Wanted..

Tha Man Took Me In Tha Back Room Cleaned It,Marked It & Pierced It..It Didn’t Hurt As Bad As I Thought It Would.Im Goin On 15 Now && Its Fresh..

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Belly Piercing Story – Double Navel Piercing By Louise

Double navel piercingHi I’m Louise!

I was first 13 when i got my belly button done and at first i had to beg and beg for it until my dad finally agreed to it…

So my dad took me to get it done but it didn’t cost much – only 18 pounds.

So 2 years on I have just had the bottom done too – it looks groovy I’m 15 now bye!

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My infection story and some tips.

I recently got my belly button pierced, and the third day I had it I noticed it started getting very red and painful. It was indeed a mild infection.

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NEW Belly Button Rings With Names!

NEW Cool belly button rings featuring a whole lot of different names are now available. And you know what’s the best feature?
You can customize the belly ring as you buy it! You can write whatever name you whish, and it will be created for you by the stuff! So there are just a few steps you have to make from here to your new belly button ring with your name on it: 1) Go to body jewellery shop and go to “NEW Arrivals” – that’s at the very top of the navigation bar to the left.
2) Then you’ll see the new custom handcrafted style lucite belly rings – they have 3 styles in stock so you choose whichever you like best.
3) Choose one of the five colors you want
4) Write in your name or whatever else you want to have on your belly ring (they say 8 letters or less)
5) Just buy it!

For a detailed guide on how to purchase with BodyCandy – just go here and read through.

Treat your belly and yourself!


Belly Piercing Story – Sweet Sixteen!


Ok, well ever since i was really young i always loved the belly button piering, i thought it was really prety but not in a million years wouold my mum let me get it done.

Anyway Last week was my sweet sixteenth and it took me about 3 weeks of begging to finally get my mum and step-dad to agree on letting me having it done. I was sooo excited so i checked out a shop Near me Called Kazbah!

The day came when i went to get it done. It cost quite alot because i had to have a solid gold belly bar. I went with my boyfriend into the shop and the peircer took me upstairs where there was a girl etting a tattoo gone but a plastic screen seperated us…

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