Belly Button Ring Sizes

Choose your navel jewelry from wide range of belly button ring sizes – from tiny ones to extra long and thick ones!

A standard sized belly button ring is 1/16″ (1.6mm) thick and 3/8″ (9.5mm) or 7/16″ (11mm) long and the ball sizes are 5mm and 8mm with the largest ball at the bottom of the belly ring.

In fact, this is the difference between bananabells and common curved barbells – the last ones have balls of one size, but bananabells or belly button rings are specially designed for wearing in navels. The biggest ball sits in the middle of the navel and looks spot on!

When you visit body jewelry stores, you’ll see that every store offers different options for choosing the size of navel jewelry you want to buy. Some only indicate the thickness of the shaft in gauges, some will let you choose the length of it, but some allow you to choose the best combo of gauge and length from the drop-down menu. Some won’t say any sizes at all and in that case you have to presume that it’s a standard sized belly ring.

In our belly rings shop the size range is quite big for needs of everyone. Belly ring sizes vary from 16ga to 10ga in diameter and from tiny 1/4″ to 5/8″ in length. If you need even a longer belly ring (say, in case of pregnancy), you should consider buying a PTFE or bioplast belly ring.

Below are the belly button ring sizes – and you can clearly see how thick is a certain gauge belly ring shaft.

Body Jewelry Gauge

They insert standard belly rings at piercing studios and your piercing size is most likely to fit a 14ga thick and 3/8″ long shaft. Just to make yourself sure, measure your navel ring and see if it isn’t longer than 3/8″.

The widest belly button ring sizes range are our belly rings shopΒ – see it yourself. You’re about getting pierced and can’t decide what size piercing to buy? You can buy a navel ring of any gauge and length! Maybe you want the shaft be a bit thicker. Or you want the top end of the ring to emerge out of your skin a bit higher than usually.

Piercer will use the piercing needle of the same gauge and you’ll get the piercing you want. Only thing I’d suggest and I think many piercers would agree – don’t go for extra short shafts. The skin fold might be too thin to fit 1/4″ long belly ring and the piercing can migrate out of the skin – as they sometimes do.

Here’s a very comprehensive body jewelry gauge chart for both metric and US measurement systems:

Body Jewelry Gauge Chart

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  1. Hello,

    I just read through some of the questions and I did not see my question… So here goes….

    I got my belly button pierced a very long time ago… Like years…. And I took it out a couple years ago meaning to put it back in but never did. I have bought a standard size ( I believe ) and it won’t go in but I tried a regular earring and it will go in… So I am stumped as to what I should do next… Maybe try to get it repierced or will the skinniest one work? I never knew about the different sizes before I came to this website… So thank you and any advice will be welcomed and appreciated.

  2. I got my belly piercing March 10 2015 and just recently I got a BLISTER (not keliod) from where the bottom ball rubs inside my belly button.. Does this mean my barbell is to short?

  3. I got my belly button pierced with a 14g barbell and im just wondering would I be able to change the jewelry to a ball closure ring when It is healed or would I have had to have told the piercer I planned on wearing a ring in it ?

    1. Hi Emms,

      Not necessarily – once the piercing hole is well healed, it will accommodate different types of jewelry and you’ll be able to insert a BCR in it as well. Just wait for a good few months before attempting to do that!


      Robert – Hottest Selling Belly Rings!

  4. Hi,
    I have my navel piercing for about 7 years now. When I did it I asked for a CBR piercing and I think that is why the hole is only 6mm long.
    It really annoys me since in my country I can’t find any 6mm navel rings, and when I finally found on ebay it didn’t have the hole for an option of a dangle πŸ™
    I thought of letting it close and go repiercing it, but I guess it would take a long time until it closes, right? What should I do? πŸ™

  5. Hello, I just recently got my belly button peirced about a week ago. My navel ring is 14g. With a 1/4 curve. I feel as if the navel ring is to short as the top ball is making a circular indentuon near the puncture hole, otherwise it is healing fine.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Danielle,

      Sound like the belly bar is really small – if it’s 1/4” long that’s only 6.3 mm and needless to say it’s apparently too short for your belly button!

      The best option for you is to go back to the piercer and get a longer bar inserted or if you don’t trust the same guys – find a new studio, tell them of your concerns, and go for a long belly bar that won’t be pushing into the skin but will move more freely.

      Hope this helps,


      Belly Rings Guide

  6. I have had my belly ring for a year now, i was wondering if i went from a 14g bar to 18 for a few days if my hole would close and now be the size go a 18g

    1. No way the hole would close up too tight for a 14g bar to fit into it after just a couple of days!

    1. That’s great, why not submit your piercing experience story here and get a free belly button ring? One the story is posted on this blog, the piercing is going to be shipped to you – it’s simple as that!

  7. I got my belly button pierced june 21 and it has already broke through the skin its not sore and doesn’t hurt does this mean my body rejected it or did they not get in enough because when it was done the first day almost the hole bar was still showing

  8. So my belly kept getting infected bc I kept snagging it, but now it looks like its healing up again. The top hole is really big, though. It looks similar to a pencil eraser. I am not sure if this is normal since I snagged it so much. Also, there seems to be less skin than normal in between the balls. It doesn’t feel incredibly thin, just like not a lot of skin in between. Any ideas? I have had it for a year.

  9. Question, i have had my naval periced for about 4 mounths and it has recently been ripped out. How long do you think it will be until i can get it re-percied?

  10. Mager Helpp =( ive got a really crazy problem.. im stuck in my country in North cyprus my belly buttons bee peirced for 2 yearz but then i have also peircded it 3 timesbecause of the reason as it keeps on shrinkin and nearly ripped thru my skin.. what do i doo for it not to shrink coz i cant find places out here that will sell small sizez of belly rings i now even have a feeling im gnna have to let it shut agen and peirce it for thr 4th time =(( what do i doo..??

    1. Mine did this! I ended up switching to a longer bar amd that seemed to help. It still goes in when I wear smaller bars but mine isn’t completely healed yet

  11. I got mine done at age 11… I still am πŸ™‚ but I don’t have enough skin were my belly button is periced so I was wonderin if u could get a shorter belly button ring??

  12. Correction on previous post

    I want to get my girlfriend a new Bannabell.
    I am not sure of size. She is very petite so dont think it would be large.

    Is the length measurement the total BAR length or the space between the balls?

  13. I want to get my girlfriend a new Bannabell.
    I am not sure of size. She is very petite so dont think it would be large.

    Is the length measurement the total length or the space between the balls?

  14. Hello I have a very small belly button and I’m getting it pierced can you give me and reamadations on what size to get

  15. I got mine pierced 2 years ago and the ring fell out in my hotel room. The whole piercing is no Where to be found. I’ve bought 3 and none of them will go in. Its been 4 days since there’s been no piercing in
    what’s wrong with it?

  16. Hey, so I just got my belly button pierced yesterday and I was told that its a 16g piercing. How soon can I change the ring to a 14g? Will it damage the piercing? Should I wait for it to heal completely or change it asap? Btw, it was pierced with a 12g needle but my piercer only had 16g jewelry. Just need some clarification please, :] Thanks so much.


  17. SORRY! Mis-typed something very important in my question–>

    I just now pierced my navel. Standard 14 G. The one thing I am concerned with is this β€œmigration” process I keep hearing of.

    I am hoping someone can tell me from actual knowledge how much skin is too little to hold a navel ring and MIGHT migrate-without ripping itself out or causing any damage to my belly button.

    Basically mine is pierced with about… 1/5 of an inch in length? between the top and bottom balls of the ring. Possibly a fraction off, however it is NOT too thin in width.

    I hope I was discriptive enough. Maybe compare this measurement to yours?
    Thank you for your help.

  18. I just now pierced my navel. Standard 14 G. The one thing I am concerned with is this “migration” process I keep hearing of.

    I am hoping someone can tell me from actual knowledge how much skin is too little to hold a navel ring and MIGHT migrate-without ripping itself out or causing any damage to my belly button.

    Basically mine is pierced with about… 1/5 of an inch in length? between the top and bottom balls of the ring. Possibly a fraction off, however it is too thin in width.

    I hope I was discriptive enough. Maybe compare this measurement to yours?
    Thank you for your help.

  19. hi got my belly button pierced a while ago lik in novemberr. its still swollen and i had complications over the healing process. the guy put a round ring on me for my first ring. it started to heal with the piercing so i had lik a lump under my belly button :/ it was not pretty i finally got ride of it though. but when i was getting rid of it i had changed my ring and the top of my ring went into the hole. now i have to heal that hole. its coming along slowly but surly but i wanted to kno whats the best ring for me because i hav quite a few of them but only one is long enough to fit. what length am i suppose to get? and idk wat the gauge of the ring is either :/ can u please help me?

  20. I got my belly pierecd about a week ago, and I had this crusty scab around my ball, but once I cleaned it, it went. And now it seems that my hole below the top ball is like stretching or something, I’m not quite sure.
    is this just healing process or is this not so normal?

  21. Ok I hot my belly button pierced like 4 week ago and I just ordered me a belly button ring and it was to small it didn’t even come to the top hole… is that a bad thing or will it get smaller as it heals ???????

  22. im wanting to get my belly button pierced
    but i was just wondering how bad is the pain
    during and after you get it done???
    i am about a 4 or 5 dealing with pain

    1. The pain is like 2 out of ten. Ten being the worst. I the piercing isn’t the part that hurts. The next day or two days after it’s more sore

  23. Soo i got my Belly botton pierced with a 14 g but my friend but a 16 g ,
    Its been a couple days. So when it heals will i still be able to put a 14 g in it?

  24. Ok I have had my belly pierced for 7 years and have since lost a lot of weight. Now what I am finding is that my standard 14g rings are so long that I am catching the top on things because of it sticking out. any sugestions? Also do to my allergies I have to use Titanium and no plastics.

  25. Hey. I got my belly button pierced on Monday and it is Saturday, its only been five days and i expected some pain, but the top hole is really swollen and im in terrible pain, i clean it w/ hydrogen perocide, saline wound wash and i apppy neosporin 3 times a day. im at the point where i want to just take it out for good because of the horrible pain. idk if maybe getting a longer bar w/ the same size width would help. idk what i should do. please help me.. thanks : )

    1. Hydrogen Peroxide and Neosporin are the biggest no-nos that the piercer should have told you about. Those actually prevent healing in puncture wounds (Which navel piercings are) and will make it take longer for you to heal. Antibacterial soap and saline solution for up to 6 months is the best cleaning routine to do. Do both twice a day.

  26. i have had my belly button periced on the top part for three years and gone through a 14 and 16 gauge but they dont really work so i’m using an eyebrow ring it fits perfect try it if the reg belly rings to long.

  27. Ohkay. This is the 3rd time ive had my navel pierced and i thought this one was doing a good job. The first prob is its so freaking dark from the other times i got it pierced and i want to know how to get rid of that. My second issue is my hole has dropped. Its not up as high as it used to be. What does that mean?

  28. Hi,, I got my belly button pierced October 16th.. && within the first week,, the top ball started to sink into my skin (&& im trying to figure out why) so now I have a little bit of a nasty scar πŸ™ so I took the banana barbell out because i figured out that the “standard” banana barbell was wayyyyyy too short for my belly piercing so I took it out && put in a swirled belly RING.. && it’s starting to heal up pretty good.. so I was jus wondering is there a such thing as longer lengths of banana barbells that I could buy that wouldn’t give me any problems like the previous one….?

  29. I got my belly button pierced about three days ago and i am going crazy because the top ball looks like it is pierced up to high from my belly button because the bottom ball is all up in my belly button. So, my question is. do you think this is because they pierced it weird or is it just swollen?

  30. I want to get my belly button pierced with the smallest hole but I don’t want to worry about it migrating out. I don’t want it to leave a huge scar if I ever decide to take it out. What would you suggest?

  31. i had my belly button pierced 8 years ago hadto take it out due to pregnancy 2 year ago an still have the hole will i need to get it repierced or just smaller thickness its not completely closed and can get a earring loop threw just opinions and thoughts about what to do will be very helpful

  32. i just got my belly button pierced 2 days ago. now after looking at it cant see the bottom bar/ball unless i lay down or hold my stomach this bad and should i go get a longer one or is this normal?

  33. I got my belly button pierced on the 8th of this month but then a couple days after that the ring just kept pressing into the skin, the skin around the top ball began to look very red and only half of the top ball could be seen. I would put pressure on the bottom ball to keep it -the top- out of the skin but it was a painful process to keep it that way (I also worried that infection would build more easily around the bottom ball since it couldn’t get air). About a week after the initial piercing I had enough and went to studio ink and purchased a longer rod. I took out the original bar and very quickly put in the longer bar, now it feels so much better without that pressure and the skin is healing but my biggest concern is that I will never be able to wear the standard size belly rings. Is this the case? Am I stuck with this longer bar forever- unless I get it redone? I want to be able to wear dangle belly rings but if the bottom doesn’t come off then I fear the bar will be too short. In the last couple days when cleaning the area I’ve been taking the ring out for just long enough to really clean the bar and skin, should I stop doing this?? Last night I took out this longer bar to see if perhaps it was only early on swelling that was preventing me from staying with the standard bar, but found that the tip just reaches the surface of the skin. I can push the skin and put the top ball on but it’s real tight so I was worried that it would be a repeat of before if I left it so I changed back to the longer bar. Another thing is that this bar, while more comfortable, is actually too long, it sticks out. Am I stuck with this or should I really just take it out and let it heal to be redone later?? If taken out will it leave scar tissue? If anyone could answer me asap I’d really appreciate it!

  34. i have a 16g belly button piercing, would getting and wearing a 14g in there be ok, or would i have to stretch my belly button to be able to wear the 14g?

  35. umm i hav had my belly done for a while now. and it has a standard bar in it. but i have noticed that some of the bar hangs out of the bottom of my belly and when i sit down the piercing moves so the bar shows at the top. should i try to go smaller?

  36. i just got my belly button pierced a week and a half ago and where the belly ring is on the bottom it has something that looks like the belly rings in-print, but its a thin scab and the top of the screw the piercing looks like its not healing because the belly ring is too small. What does that mean? sorry if its complicating.

  37. Hi i have my navel pierced but when i got it pierced i was told that i had to have it pierced at the bottom because my belly button is not a complete innie. it’s more of an innie-outie. anyway since i’m pierced at the bottom, when i wear normal belly rings the big ball that usually has the jewel in it sits at the bottom instead of in the center where my belly button is and the ring tends to move around a lot (like from side to side). i noticed that girls who are pierced the normal way don’t have that problem. my question is if there are certain rings that wont move on me or am i just stuck with what i have.

  38. question?… okay i have my bottom belly button pirced, and they put alot of skin in it , i am now using a nipple ring thats a smllaer gauge 16 or 18 i think. would i be able to use a pregnancy belly ring since they are bigger?. bc the reg belly rings are a little shorts and i want ot be able to use a cute belly ring with cute balls on it.

  39. PLEASE tell me! Does it matter if you lose or gain weight? Like will it affect your belly ring placement? …just like 5-10 lbs, nothin’ drastic like 30+

  40. I went to change my belly ring for the first time and the belly ring I had ordered wasn’t long enough to go through. We called my piercer and he said 7/16 should fit and they don’t. So do I need to get longer ones or should I have them repierce it so they will fit? πŸ™

  41. umm well i recently got my belly piercid its been six days and the skin around the top ball is still reddish plus the to little ball has kind of sunk in in a bit into the whole which got a little bigger than the original size. is it infected or is this normal???

  42. I pierced my belly button on December 22, 2009. It’s a 14 gauge. I just ordered some new belly button rings online and when I got them I looked through all of them. One of them was a twisty one and it looked smaller than the rest so I tried putting the ball on one of my 14 Gauge rings and realized it was probably a 16g. So I emailed the company asking if it was alright but they just said that it was because the twisty ones turn more.
    I just want to be sure that the hole isn’t going to get smaller because I have a lot of 14 gauge rings and I don’t want to be stuck with this 16 g sucker the rest of my piercing’s life. Any suggestions or thoughts?

  43. ok i got my belly button pierced for my birthday which was april 24 and ive had it pierced for like almost 5 weeks now and like my top ball keeps sinking into the top hole. should i take it out and let it heal up or should i get a bigger ball.

  44. I’ve had my belly button pierced for almost 10 years now, it was badly done and the length of jewelry I need isn’t standard, it’s much smaller. On a trip to Australia I was able to find a classic banana style with a diamond on each ball (1 big and 1 small) but I have been stuck wearing the same one for the past 5 years and I would really like to have one of the “dangle” styles but can’t find where I can buy a short one. I really don’t want to have it re-pierced, I know there’s got to be somewhere out there that sells one. Can you help?

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  45. ok, so I got my belly button pierced about 3 months ago.I just had a bump next to it & it would puss. Now that bump just went away but the skin is getting really thin. Idk if its part of the healing process or my body Isejecting it but I’m scared and I really dont wanna take it out. What do I do?

  46. I had the same problem with the bar being to short when i got it done and the ball sinking into the hole. I went to a store called Green Earth (I am in Canada not sure if they have them elswhere) and got a LONG bar (probably 16-18mm) while it healed. Now it’s almost healed (some scarring thanks to the ball) and I find a 14mm (9/16″) bar is okay – tight but okay. Problem is — anyone know where to get 14mm rings?? Nice ones not just plain metal! Everything on line is 12mm or less!

  47. Hi i was wondering if anyone knew what size belly button bar i would need after taking the one that the piercing shop gave me out? My friend said i would need one that is smaller than the one they gave me but when i looked on the internet there were so many different sizes and i didn’t no which one. Really need some help!!

  48. So I’ve had my bellybutton pierced for almost 4 years, and there’s not much skin left inbetween the ring itself and skin. I’m afraid it will rip out, and I’m not sure whether I could get it pierced with more skin or if I’d have to wait for it to close up? Or if there was any way skin will go back inbetween the pierced area and my skin so it doesn’t feel like it will fall out?

  49. okay so i am getting my naval pierced in a few days and my friends are telling me to buy the 16 gauge. is that true? And when will i be able to start working out again?

  50. Hiiii!!
    OK so my bely piercing is healed and I need a MUCH shorter ring!! but i dont know where to find one?? Ive been looking for a website but havent found many that offer differet legths….so any help with that would be greatttT

    but als wondering…if i were to get my belly button repierced…to be able to wear a standard ring…will my old pircing show under the new? like wil if ever go away or wil i always have a hole under my top

  51. hi. i just got my belly button pierced a week ago with a 14 gouge bananabarbell. i went to the store yesterday and accidentaly bought an eyebrow piercing insstead of a navel piercing, and i think the eyebrow piercing is around 10 gouge, but the same length as my belly button piercing. when i change my piercing in a few months, would i be allowed to use the eyebrow piercing in my navel or did i waste my money?

  52. When you are talking about the gauges of the bar… I got mine pierced two weeks ago and I have no idea what gauge it is… But I have other belly button rings that I will put in once the piercing is fully healed. If I got pierced with a 16 gauge, and then when it was healed I tried to put in a 10 gauge one, would the 10 gauge not fit? And is there any way to tell what I got pierced with?

    1. The standard gauge is 14 – it would be unusual to have anything bigger in a first-time piercing. You would have to ask your piercer to be sure. Once your piercing is healed, you will be able to use other gauges. If you want to use a larger gauge, contact a piercing pro before putting it in.

  53. Hi, I had my belly pierced since i was 15 now im almost 20 recently i put a eyebrow ring in my belly ring because i wanted a shorter shaft because i felt i the belly rings were to long. Now i had the eyebrow ring in for about a few months now. So, now I tried to put a a regular belly ring and it wont go in.. its as if it closed. I try and try and it wont go in all the way. It goes through bottom but not through the top tell me what i can do so i can put my regular belly ring in.

  54. hello, i got my belly button pierced 3 weeks ago and i know i cant take it out for like 2 months. when you go to change the ring what size should it be?

  55. Hey, i got my belly button pierced like 3 weeks ago and i was told to leave it in for like 2 months before i change it out. when i do change it out how do i know what belly button rings will fit and what one’s wont?

  56. I have had my belly button pierced for about 8 months and i took it out and changed it a couple time and had no problems. One day i took it out and lost the top ball so i just left it out over night until i got a new ring. When i tried to insert the ring back in the next day it WOULD NOT go through. so i tried a smaller guage earring ( like a normal earring) and it went thru but it seemed really tight.. is there any way to get my ring back in without gettin it repierced? i have been looking at tapers and wondering if i could use the taper to insert the bigger gauged ring back in? PLLEASE help..

  57. So I’ve had my belly button pierced for a little over a year and a half now. Its also my first time getting it pierced.. I never had to get it re-pierced or anything. But I have this little scar tisse on the top hole and I was wondering if that was normal.. because I saw my friends belly button hole piercing and her hole is completely healed with no scars and the hole is about the size of the belly button ring bar.. and it looks perfect with nothing wrong with it. My hole is still small and I have to sqeeze the belly ring bar in.. but its not like difficult to do so or anything. But I know its not infected or anything becase there is no discharge, or swelling, or redness. No pain at all.. Jus a very small scar tissue and a hole not so big compared to other girls completely healed belly button piercing. Also when I take out my belly button ring it still feels like there bar is in it.. I dont know if its because it was pierced too thick ?

    whats wrongg?! is this normal because i havent heard any other expierences like mine ?

  58. i got my belly pierced like 5 months ago instead of getting a regular ring they put a circle ring 3 weeks ago i broke my ring but i went out to buy a new one and it didnt fit. i ended up buying a good 6 new rings and all didnt fit.

    they were to short it barley reached the top

    is there a bigger bar size i can buy somewhere?
    and if so what size should i get????

  59. I’ve had my top bellybutton pierced three times.. first time it rejected, second time it got infected, and now its ok i guess.. it’s just all red because of scar tissue, and i’m afraid that will reject it. and that pus stuff gets all over it.. i’ve had it done about a month and a half. and i also got my bottom one pierced back in april, but now, the skin above it is rly small.. the guy who did my top one said the place who did my bottom one used cheap jewelry, so he put in a different one in the bottom too. i was wondering if either of those sound like they’re gonna reject? or how to get more skin to cover the bottom one? or how to get rid of the scar tissue? also, i tried changing the bottom one earlier, but i can’t get it untwisted. it feels like i’m gonna pull it out of my skin, and then i got very light headed and had to lay down.

  60. hello, i have had my belly button pierced for a little over a year a and a half, almost two years and i wanted to no is it normal having a 12g belly button ring to big

  61. i got my belly button periced 4 days ago and the top ball came off and i lost it can i put a differnt ball on there it surgical stile …. or will it get infected??

    1. If you lost the entire piercing, dont try to re-insert a new one yourself. Its too soon after your piercing and will probably cause an infection or your piercing will have partly closed. Go back to your piercing studio to have it re-inserted. If your piercing hasn’t been removed it shouldn’t get infected as long as you follow your piercing aftercare instructions, and putting on a different ball shouldn’t be a problem.

  62. I have a question….I have pierced my belly button 3 times, it has rejected twice. Right now it looks fine but it got a lot thinner from when i pierced it which is why i need to get a smaller ring.

    I was wondering what type of belly ring I should buy? (stainless steel, titanium, gold, bioplast or anything) or where to get it?

    So if you can please recommend something safe that wouldnt cause it to reject, that would be amazinggg. Thanks!

    1. Hi Angela,
      you will nees something light and body friendly. Bioplast may be best. Bioplast is guaranteed not to reject. Check out our selection at- or just visit our shop on the home page.

  63. My belly ring gets red and sore whenever I put a ring in it. Im not sure if I am allergic to the ring or if their is to much skin between the ends of the ring. I have to push the skin in to get the ball on the end of the ring. It’s a standard size belly ring. Can I get longer rings than the standard 11m length.

    1. There are adjustable belly rings available-have a look in our the Adjustable Bioplast belly rings in the BBRG shop. They can be adjusted to 16mm.

  64. question…so today i was changing my belly button ring and i noticed that the skin holding it is is really thin…i’m not totally sure that this is bad or not? also, should i take it out and let it grow a little more? i’m afraid that it might rip out.

  65. Hello πŸ˜€ I got my navel pierced 6 days ago and i’ve been cleaning it regularly but it has swollen some and the top ball seems to be somewhat in the skin. I can push it from the bottom and it comes out fine, but I think maybe the bar is too short… What should I do?

  66. I got my belly button pierced about 3months ago and i change my belly button ring about 2 weeks ago nd recently ive noticed that i have very little skin in between both balls i decided to take my piercing out because i was scared of it ripping and see if my skin in between the holes will grow/thicken alittle and then put it back in is that fine? Or should i get it repierced?

  67. Hey! Okay so I got my upper naval pierced in Mexico (sketchy I know, alcohol was involved) and the belly ring I bought is much shorter than all the rings I’ve bought in the states… I was wondering where I could find a really short in length belly ring because all the other ones stick out and are way too long.
    Thanks soo much πŸ™‚

  68. I have both my upper and lower navel pierced. When I got my upper piercing done, it did heal slightly farther down, so I need a shorter size ring for the top. Does anyone know of any website that sells industrial navel rings? I can only find them for ear piercings. Or, is it possible to get a small size hoop to wear on the top hole?
    Thank you!!

  69. Ok, so I got my navel pierced with a curved 14G on December 8th… Today is June 28th. I have tried all different types of rings-(bio plast, stainless, titanium, ect) the only ring that doesnt make me red and itchy is the one I got it pierced with, the stainless steel. I itch when I use another stainless steel one though. What could be the reasoning? Also I think it’s starting to migrate bc in a relaxed position I can see almost half the bar sticking out. How can I stop migration? Does weight matter? I gained like 5 lbs since having this done, do you think im stretching it out? haha… idk what’s going on!!!! Oh yeah, if it does migrate, will i have a scar there still? and will i be able to repierce it? I absolutely love it being there!

  70. If I use a thinner ring than the normal ring I’ve been using, will I have trouble putting a thicker one back in?

  71. Hi Madison,

    It’s really weird the top of the belly ring disappears in the piercing – the bar probably is too short or the ball is too small! I’d say you go back to the piercing shop and show them your problem – if they’re any good they’ll fit in a proper piece of jewelry.

    Bri Carr – go to this link and it’ll show you the body jewelry gauge chart:

    Jenna – 14 gauge is smaller than 12 and you can definitely put it in! Maybe you meant that you probably have 10 gauge belly ring now – if so then you may have some difficulties putting it in. In this case don’t just try to push it in – buy a new belly ring of the right gauge and by putting sticky tape around it you can stretch your piercing to a bigger gauge in a month’s time or so.

  72. recently got my bellybotton peirced about 2 weeks ago. I have been taking very good care of it, useing saltwater. It has become very red around the holes and the upper ball has completely dissapeared into my bellybotton. I can push it back out, but it wont stay and it is very painfull. Do i need a bigger bellyring?

    I had the same thing happen to me the first time I had my belly button done I had to let mine close and get it done over. I think it might have been from my ring pulling and getting caught in things.

  73. I’ve had my belly button pierced for 10 years now and the top ball finally fell off for good and cannot be found. I purchased a 14 gauge ring with balls on either end but I think my old ring must be a 12 gauge (curved bar looks smaller). Could I possibly put a 14 gauge ring in a 12 gauge hole??? Has anyone ever tried it???

  74. i recently got my bellybotton peirced about 2 weeks ago. I have been taking very good care of it, useing saltwater. It has become very red around the holes and the upper ball has completely dissapeared into my bellybotton. I can push it back out, but it wont stay and it is very painfull. Do i need a bigger bellyring?

  75. I got my belly button pierced 1 1/2 years ago. I wasn’t aware that they length of the shaft was larger than normal, and now I have trouble finding jewelry that fits me. If I’m understanding this article correctly, I am currently wearing a ring that is 7/16″?

  76. it doesnt bleed all the time.. only sometimes..
    and idk what to do.. i love it so much, i dont want to take it out.

  77. ok.. i got mine done a week after christmas in 08.. and at the bottom of the ring, inside my belly button it has like some meat poking out, but not at the hole. it bleeds and ozzes all the time.. is this normal? cuz i know its not infected.. well i dont think it is, i clean it all the time.. and i have not changed it.. i will be tomorrow though. lol.. but just let me know please! thanks

  78. okay so i called my piercer and ahe said ahe pierced me with a 14 guage and and 7/16th bar which is standard..and i think i need a longer one for my piercing. Even my mom said that is a small piercing for how much skin he pierced throught.

  79. I just got my belly button pierced 1 week ago and its really swollen and sore (which i expect), but now the top ball is actually going inside and the skin is trying to grow over it. My piercer used a 13mm length, and i found a ring that is a little longer and is still surgical grade steel. Is it okay to switch it out, and then leave it alone for the rest of the healing process? Im afraid that if i dont do something soon i am going to heal with this huge hole on the top. Any advice?

    ******* i got the same problem!! i got my belly button pierced five days ago and i do not know the length of the barbell orgauge but the top ball of my piercing is inside my skin and swollen.. i cannot go to my piercer because i am out of state and he told me to take ibuprofen and just keep cleaning it with dial and ear care solution. but i stoppped the ear care solution and only wash it once a day with dial soap.. So i am just thinking of trynig to get another ring and switch it out?

  80. I’m a mom of two.. used to be a ballet dancer and had a really tight body … however after pregnancy ended up with scaring and a basically “melted” look of saggy skin on my tummy area. I have a “sad” belly button and have always wanted to improve on it’s appearance with a beautiful belly ring as this is the area that has destroyed my confidence and i want to do something about it. Is is possible for the belly button to be improved by this? eg. shape? what bar should i be looking at getting? .. is it a good idea?

  81. Hi, i got my belly button pierced about 8mths ago and i can see more of the bar of my belly button ring coming down what do i do do i change the size of ring? or what cuz it seems like it might ripped or somehting

  82. Hi Destiney,

    You really have to wait still… for at least 4 weeks. A few girls have posted really bad infection experiences on this website and all because they didn’t want to wait for the healing process to complete!


  83. okay i got mine done on may 2 its the 18th I still have to wait to get mine changed this is thae last week of school and idk if i will be here to get it changed my mom says she dont want me to change it in FL she says it would be bad if i got fake gold so is it bad that I have to wait still?????????? πŸ™‚

  84. the bit in between has shrunk quite a bit it looks fine but where can i buy smaller belly bars as mine are too big and they irritate me :(.

  85. I just got my belly button pierced 1 week ago and its really swollen and sore (which i expect), but now the top ball is actually going inside and the skin is trying to grow over it. My piercer used a 13mm length, and i found a ring that is a little longer and is still surgical grade steel. Is it okay to switch it out, and then leave it alone for the rest of the healing process? Im afraid that if i dont do something soon i am going to heal with this huge hole on the top. Any advice?

  86. Hi Christa,

    Your piercing is definitely still healing – don’t take the ring out and wait for at least 6 – 8 weeks! If you browse this site you’ll find many stories of belly piercings gone wrong because the jewelry was taking out/changed too early.

    Meylin and Grace,

    You can stretch your 16g piercing by sticking some adhesive tape on the belly ring. Then in a weeks time stick some more. In 6 – 8 weeks time it can be stretched to the next gauge.

    Just make sure:

    * the piercing has to be completely healed before stretching to avoid any complications, scarification and infections;
    * use high quality tape

    All the best,


  87. When I had my belly button pierced 4 weeks ago he used the regular length. I tried to change it out the other day but now the regular size bars are tooo short. It just barely comes out on the end. Is it because the piercing isnt healed yet? Does it usually take a while for swelling to go down or am I not going to be able to wear regular length bars???

  88. grace,

    i have the same problem. you prolly got your peirced with a 16 G and most belly rings are 14 G. my friend had this peoblem to and she said that she just shoved the larger one in. but i dont think i want to have to do that. so im looking for some tips to!

  89. hello! i have my pierce for almost 4months. and unkwoledgable about the sizes, i ordered thru internet a bunch of different color flexi belly rings (i was attracted because of the cute colors) but when im trying to change my belly ring seems that it is not fitted. my old silver ring is smaller that the rings ive bought. what should i do? thanks alot!

  90. I just got my navel pierced with a 14 gauge but I want to use that size since I’m not comfortable with the larger ones. Where can I purchase fine jewelry online in that size?

  91. okay i have a question

    i got my belly pierced with a 16G because my piercer did not offer me an option. but now looking at all the jewelry it seems like its mostly 14G can i put a 14G ring in mine? if so will it hurt?

  92. I’ve had my belly button pierced for a month and 1/2 now. Everyones talking about their skin feeling thinner but mine feels the opposite it feels super thick and if I take it out to change it it still feels like the bar is inside. The only way I could really explain it is when you have ur ears pierced and the hole feels like a little little little ball or w.e it feels like that but times a million. Is this normal? What does it mean?

  93. I got belly button pieced about 3 years ago, and there is just a little part of my skin that is holding the ring in. The thing is is i have and inny/outy for a belly button can i get it re-pierced or do i have to wait for mine that i have now close up and then get it pierced?

  94. eyyy. so i have a 14 gauge curved barbell for my bellybutton. it was fine for the first few months or so but the past few months i can see more of the jewelry (like the length of it) and its annoying. so would a size 16 gauge work better?

  95. Hi Laura,

    If the piercing is migrating, there’s actually one thing you can do – change the jewelry for a PTFE or Bioplast one – these materials will facilitate the healing process. Probably the belly ring is of a poor quality and that is causing the problems.


  96. my belly button was pierced about 5 months ago and i just noticed that i could see more of the jewlery (length) than i had before. i don’t know if its because the skin was swollen and now its gone down or that the bottom part of the piercing is migrating. the top part hasn’t caused me any problems but the bottom gets pretty swolen at times; lets out puss and sometimes blood which leaves crusts at the bottom ball. i’m unsure of which one it could be therefore i don’t know what to do.

  97. Ok so i got my bellybutton pierced a little more than two months ago, but apparently i was not aware that he used a lightly longer shaft than what the normal length would be. so now when i bought a new one at the store it was too short to go through the hole, which means that any of them in the store that are standard lengh would be too short, eliminating 80% of the market, which in turn means i could not buy what i want but what fits. what should i do?

  98. ive had my belly button peirced now for about 5 years but what im finding is that my peircing hole is very big (stretched out) i guess and my belly button rings are constantly falling out. I love having my belly button peirced but im going through jewelery like crazy!!! any recommendations? ive tried different types of belly button rings and nothing seems to work long term. Please Help

  99. i had my belly button pierced before and it got ripped out so they re-pierced it but i tried putting my belly button rings that i got and none of them will fit they arent long enough what do i do? do they make long ones?

  100. A 14 gauge belly ring barely comes out of the top of my belly button piercing, will it shrink up once it heels more? I have had mine for 6 weeks also if not what gauge should I try for more length?

  101. mines not the guage mines the length will the length shrink once it heals? because right now the shorter bars dont come out the end

  102. Hi Danii,

    Yes you can, the difference between these two gauges is only 0.4 mm, so the new belly ring won’t be hanging loose in the piercing hole.

  103. Question…So I just had my belly button pierced w/ a 16 ga mostly because I was not aware of the options between 14 ga & 16 ga. Now I want to get a 14 ga belly ring.
    Can I put that in a 16 ga piercing?

  104. Yes, it happens sometimes. The worst case scenario is when the piercing falls out – the skin becomes thinner and thinner until the belly ring just ‘grows out’ of the piercing hole. It’s called migration and could be down to a bad belly ring quality etc.

    But if the skin just becomes a bit thinner, it’s OK, after all when you get the piercing done, the skin swells up and when healing it just may look to you that it shrinks.

  105. ok question….so once u have ur belly button pierced is it normal that the thickness of the skin would shrink a lil leaving u to see more “bar” then b4? and would this be a situation where you would change to a smaller belly ring.with a shorter shaft?

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