How To Pick Belly Rings For First Time Belly Button Piercings

First Time Belly Button Rings

You can buy a belly button ring of your choice before you go to the studio!

You just have to know which materials don’t react against body tissues and allow your navel piercing heal quickly.

Below I’ve listed the best options for first time belly piercings.

Choose from:

1) Gold
2) Stainless Steel
3) Bioplast
4) Titanium.

Gold Navel Rings

Choose 14k gold or higher when buying yellow gold, or choose nickel- free white gold. Gold rings are durable, safe and extremely stylish. Our range starts at $29.99 and there Β is free worldwide delivery. For the ultimate in elegance, check out the new Gold and Diamond collection, all of which are above 14k and nickel-free.

Bioplast navel ring

According to mainstream body jewelry opinion, bioplast is the best choice for your first time belly button piercing. This material is great because of its biocompatibility and flexibility. If you use this material, your fresh piercing will be less likely to get infected and swollen – bioplast is proven to have great healing qualities. If you’re allergic to metal body jewelry, I recommend bioplast navel rings as the best from non-metallic belly button jewelry.

Stainless steel belly button rings

Belly button piercings made from steel are fine for your first time navel piercing. This metal used in body jewelry is hypo-allergenic alloy. There are a few other metals added to make it resistant to corrosion and prevent rusting, but these don’t have an adverse affect on the quality of the jewelry.Β Stainless steel is most widely used metal for making belly ring shafts – the balls and dangles come in many other materials.

If you want to buy a steel belly piercing, you don’t have to search for “steel belly rings” or try to find a category saying “steel”. Most of belly jewelry is made from steel unless it says “gold”, “titanium” or “PVD coated” etc.

Titanium belly ring

This is a great choice because it’s a very strong metal and is nearly as twice as light as stainless steel. I recommend titanium belly rings if you are sensitive to steel. Titanium is a pure metal and isn’t mixed with anything else. In addition, titanium body jewelry comes in different colors, but watch out! – not red or black. If you see a black belly button ring and it’s said to be titanium, it’s more likely a stainless steel plated with titanium, which is not the best choice for the first time belly button piercings.

So – let’s conclude with what you have to do to get the belly ring before making to the piercing studio:

1) Choose a belly button ring made from one of the above mentioned materials.

2) Make sure it doesn’t have any parts that can’t undergo sterilization – acrylic or flexible plastic dangles and balls.

3) Be prepared to take care of your piercing! H2 ocean (below) and cleaning swabs are highly recommended.

4) Buy it!:-)

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  1. So I was wondering I am getting my button priced soon. And I ride horses is there any tips on what ring or barbell to get? πŸ˜€

  2. Soo.. I’m 13 and I got mine pierced on spring break(; which is probably like 2 or 3 monthes ago. My mom took me to this tattoo shop to get it done . And they did it with a hollow needle and clamps .It didn’t hurt till after it was done .. And the pain wasn’t like a “hurt” it was like sore.. And it didn’t feel too good when I Bent over or someone hit me in the stomach.. I’m on a competition cheer squad.. And stunting and tumbling was harder for a little while. As soon as people found out I had it at school. Everyone would off up my shirt .. Or ask to see it .. And almost all the guys who saw it wanted to touch it ._.

  3. Hey my name is Laura and I am 13. I convinced my mum to let me get my bellybuttontton pierced by reminding her of the fact that it was hidden and I made a deal that I would improve my grades. I am getting it pierced sometime this week. Apparently it doesn’t hurt after watching lots of YouTube videos they all say that ears are worse O.o lol but anyway I’m not scared or anything it’s just I am going to the beach in a month and I was just wondering is it enough time for it to heal? I don’t think my mum would get me any waterproof tape but I would wash it with saline solution straight after? Is this ok? Or should I wait cause of all the bacteria in the ocean or not go swimming? 1 month left. Please email me πŸ™‚ thanks

  4. Hey(: I got mine done for my sixteenth bday and I love it(: I was dumb tho bcuz I didn’t get it done professionally -.- ..I don’t kno why ur not spose to soak ur belly piercin after u get it? So if someone could drop me an email bout that thank you bcuz I went swimmin a few hrs after she done mine and nothin happened?..but. I kept it clean and it didn’t get infected(: when my friend done it she tried to put the ring I had given her thro and it didn’t fit bcuz it was swollen so we found a smaller gauge and a few weeks later we gauged it up to the normal size, that is the only part that hurt! I use stainless steel bcuz I’m allergic to the nickle in metal and as I got more rigs I change it often and I do regret changein it bcuz it took sooo long to heal but its all healed up now and I can even wear dangly rings(: …. yes it was red, swollen and tender for the first few days but that went away and it did get crusty but cleaming it took care of that … advice..umm..get it done proessionally!! Its not that much! The only reason I didn’t is bcuz my parents didn’t want me to have it .. keep it clean!! Also the most important..don’t change it too early!!

  5. Im 15 and i wan my belly button done really bad and i have a friend too and she wants hers done too for her birthday and i want mine done when she gets hers done and she needs to know how much it is πŸ™‚

  6. I got my belly button pierced 3 weeks ago and last week i suffered an allergic reaction, i had no idea what i was having this reaction to though. After 4 days of doctors and hospitals i found out i was allergic to nickle and had to take it out πŸ™ I miss it like mad now but the doctor told me not to get it redone but i REALLY want it back. I was wondering what kind of bar i should get when getting it redone?

  7. i got my belly button pierced 2 weeks ago i seen pus and my dumself squeezed it out seen this like piece of skin and peeled it off ugh ! so now i can see my belly ring and i fear its going to fall out ! ;_( i have saline soultion and dial soap to clean it but ijust want my skin back !! what can i do ? i wanna put neosporin on it but thats bad isnt it ?

  8. I got my belly botton done and I can’t get the old bar out and it needs changed how will I get it out xxxx

  9. I got my belly piercing for my 14th birthday, I went to the shop where they do it and picked out a light blue one. of course they cleaned the area and everything, he made a dot to show where it would be and I like the place, I had to lay down and breathe in deeply and then out slowly and that is when he pierced me, it didn’t hurt at all. it was uncomfortable but mine didn’t hurt, and once you have it you have it right :P. then he told me how to keep it clean blah blah, I was really happy! my bar was surgical steel and I didn’t get any infection always when i have a wound it gets kinda swollen so it was swollen a few weeks after and it had skin that was peeling but that just meant that it was healing very well. I do not recommend wearing heavy dangles for very long as your piercing hole will sag. I got mine in Spring so I wouldn’t be too tempted to swim πŸ˜› as it was healing. mine took about 9 months to fully heal, once mine was in for 3 months + i changed it with no horrors it was perfectly fine and the place is just numb like you don’t feel pain changing it πŸ™‚ Thank you for reading.

  10. okay i have had my belly button done along with my ears and lip. with with my lip and ears they have both got really infected i have tried many different kinds of ear rings and lip rings and it never fails for it to get infected. with my belly ring i had it for a while and my skin where it was pierced died and fell off and the belly ring fell out. and i kept it very clean i have heard from many people that i should try to get a ring made out of bone or organic would this solve my problem or am i just never going to be able to keep any body jewelry??

  11. Choose 14k gold or higher when buying yellow gold, or choose nickel- free white gold. Gold rings are durable, safe and extremely stylish. Our range starts at $29.99 and there is free worldwide delivery.

  12. You just have to know which materials don’t react against body tissues and allow your navel piercing heal quickly.

    Below I’ve listed the best options for first time belly

  13. Hi. I just got my belly button pierced and i feel like its a bit crooked… I’m too poor to get it re pierced, so is their a way that I can somehow migrate it to the right spot? Thanks.

  14. Hiii, iam 12 my mom hates piercings so does my dad i asked nicely for a belly piercing they said NO NO NO i felt sooooo sad and watched utube videos of people getting it done belly piercings caught my eye its just so pretty and then one night i was talking to my mum and we were talkin bout high school and how my grades are going i said good (bad at maths) Then it kinda went to the one thing to the other ” MOM could i have a belly ring
    Pleassse!!” she said yes only if i improve on maths I was like yeah.

    so iam lucky to have a piercingSHAME to other people


  15. Hey ! I got my peircing two days ago secretly, it doesnt hurt at all. Like Im trying out for cheer & i can still stretch perfectly fine, its just a little sore. I dont have any crust or anything yet, but i clean it twice a day . It just hurts if I lay on it, or touch it, But i mean, i barely got it . It hasnt healed obviously, but what are some things I SHOULD NOT do?

  16. hey when is the best time of the year to get it done?and where is the safest place to get it done? oh and also what steel should I use because I am allergic to silver like the cheap ones you get in shops well I can’t wear it in my ears.

  17. Hey hey when is the best time of the year to get it done?and where is the safest place to get it done? oh and also what steel should I use because I am allergic to silver like the cheap ones you get in shops well I can’t wear it in my ears.

  18. Hey hey when is the best time of the year to get it done?and where is the safest place to get it done? oh and also what steel should I use because I am allergic to silver like the cheap ones you get in shops well I can’t wear it in my ears anyway and how do I stop it from getting infected if it does would it just. Be easy to go to a doctor.?

  19. I got mine done almost a year ago when i was 15 and i’m now going on 16 . It doesn’t hurt when it’s first pierced. My cartilage on my ear hurt worse than my belly. I would recommend waiting at least 6 weeks before changing the belly ring. When I got mine done I waited 2 weeks and I now regret not waiting longer. It still hasn’t healed yet. You can’t soak your belly ring in water for at least 6 weeks I think, it does something to the tissue. I love dangle belly rings that’s what I have in now, I would recommend waiting till the piercing fully heals then put in a dangle belly ring. I went to a tattoo shop and it costed $15 to get mine done. They have different prices for different belly rings. Your suppose to wash the piercing every time you take a shower with mild soap. They will tell you all this when you go to a professional to get your belly pierced. Ex: When to change it. How long to wait to go swimming or soak your belly ring. What to use when to clean it… You can always ask questions before they pierce it. If you want to get it done and your parents say no, try saying its better than my tongue, a tattoo, or something else. I don’t see anything wrong with having your belly button pierced, everyone now a days is getting it done. Salt water, Peroxide, and mild soap are the best things to use to clean your belly ring. I hope that my advice helped.

  20. Hey , I’m 14 and my mom pierced my belly-button 2 nights ago. I find it looks okay , but she took too much skin when she pierced it , is that okay ? or will it lead to anything bad? Also, when will my bellybutton stop being sore? It’s a little tender , and inflamed now, when will that go down? What should I do to keep it from getting infected? Please help.

  21. Hi I got my belly done on 2/11/12 and I was wondering if it’s normal for me to put my finger between the skin and I can feel the barbell…???

  22. i want mine dun but my mom sadi she is going to think anout it but i know she dont want tooo we was wonderin if she dose let me were could i go and how much will it cost

  23. hey…I’m 14 years old and I want to get my belly piercing done by now (in winter)…well my mum say’s it’s the best to do it in spring…
    Is she right?

  24. I pierce ears, but i’m looking to expand, i already have most of the supplies and know the general information and safety needed to do piercings. the only thing i don’t know is where to get the sterile jewelry, and what length the bars need to be for the swelling and initial piercing..Im also asking since i want to pierce myself..

  25. He couldn’t open the first hole because of the scar tissue. If you give it enough time for the swelling to go down, then maybe the sinking will go away. If not then go to your piercing. There probably isn’t anything he/she could do. I haven’t had problems with either my top or bottom belly ring. But I hope this helps.

  26. My belly button piercing had closed and I got it reclosed and the person pierced it down more because he said he can’t reopen the first hole…so I cannot see the metal bar because there is too much skin and the top ball is sinking in my skin idk if its because its swollen but its hurts all day and I’m wondering wat to do plz answer as soon as possible

  27. hi i would rlly like to get my belly pierced .. would yu suggest for me to do it myself or have a friend do it for me ? and what type of belly ring is the best to use for the first time ? and how much would it be ?

  28. Heyy, im getting my belly done on the 6th of October…
    i’ve done research but, how long roughly til u can change the bar??
    and can u still go swimming??

  29. ok… im 12 and i rllllly want a belly peircing rlllly bad but my mom says no cuz shes 1 of those annoying goody 2 shoes type ppl… so how do i persuade her to let me???????????????????? any ideas? also does it hurt bad? i got my ear lobe peirced a couple years ago and that jus felt lik a beesting so how bad is this compared to that???? also also< how much does it typically cost if u get it done at a proffesionall place 2 hav it done? also also also (lol) what are the chances of it getting infected? when i got my lobe peirced it started to get crusty and bled a little but it wasnt that bad, so does that increase my chances of infecton? and should i wait till i get older to do it so it doesnt strech er whatever? PLZ HELPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz email me its easier!!!!!!!!!

  30. i got my bellybutton pierced a month ago and i was looking up online when i can change it. i personally think i should be able to change it now since it has been healed for over a week and hasn’t been in any pain, even when i bump it or pull on it by accident, or on purpose. it’s not swollen at all or red or any of that jazz. i think it’s good and other places online said they changed it early and there were no problems… but my dad (i’m sixteen btw)being the jerk he is, is now making me wait for three months.. ignoring my dad’s opinion, do you think i can change it now?

  31. Im going to get my belly button pierced here in a couple weeks and was wondering if I got the bioplast ring and change the balls to a one that are not bioplast, what would be the effect if any?

  32. Heyy , i got my belly button pierced like three days ago & it hurts when i bend over & stretch. & its kind of red at the top. Its also tender after i use a qtip to clean the little crust. I just wanted to know if this is normal or a start of infection? Please email me back. Thank you. (:

  33. I’m going to get my belly button done on Tuesday & I was wondering if a hoop or bar is better? Just email me. Thanks.

  34. hi , i just got my belly button peirced about three days ago and i had a scar on my belly buttn and she peirced through it and its a little inflamed it dosnt hurt but just a little concerned , and can i change it ?

  35. I was wondering what the size of the needle is (the guage size). please drop be an email because I most likely won’t be back on this site for a while. thank you.

  36. i’m hopefully going to get my belly button pierced soon but i’m panicking real bad:/ and i have questions :L would it be cheaper to buy the belly bar yourself and take it to the piercer? i would love as much information as is possible pleasee?:D could you e-mail me?(:
    much apprechiated (:

  37. Hey yall.
    I’m 15 and had my belly done be fore. But i took it out for too long and it closed. I have everything I need tp pierce it again but I dont have clamps. I know where to pierce it cause tjere is stil marks from my other one . So I was wonderin if clamps are necessary ??

  38. My 14 year old wants to get her belly button pierced and I do not agree with it, How can I convince her that she is too young?

  39. i got mine done ages ago and i was wondering if i have to have a parent with me to buy another belly ring with me or i can just go by myself ??

  40. Hii Im Getting My Belly Button Pierced Secretly and firstly going to wear a clear navel-piercing retainer but im going on holiday like 3 weeks after that and i would like to change the jellerwy would it be possible(i would go to the studio to ask them to put it in)

    1. Belly button piercing usually take 3-9 months to heal so it wouldn’t be a good idea to try changing it after 3 wks!

  41. I am planning to get my belly button pierced and i was wondering if for a first time ring there is a certain shape it has to be and if sterling sliver would be an okay metal to use?

    Please email me with help.

  42. i just got my tummy pierced last week and now the top and bottom hole are both surrounded by dark maroon red circles. Also this stuff comes out when i squeeze it but it isnt exactly pus. I have read up on the subject and i think that it is either bc my ring is surgical steel and im allergic to the nickel in it or because its a dangly one and its too heavy. What do you think? could it be infected? if it is infected, should i take it out because i read that doing so can form an absess or whatever its called?

  43. Hi! I had my belly pierced 3 years ago and I messed up. I was 15 at the time and i loved to touch it and i didn’t care about what i did. Needless to say, I now have a small scar where the piercing was. The scar tissue doesn’t hurt anymore at all. When I had my belly pierced, the guy told me that my belly button is crooked and he had to pierce it a certain way. I took really good care of it, or what I thought was really good care. I have decided that I want to get it re pierced. I think that the steel bar they used last time is what caused an infection and I was wondering if I should go with titanium instead? Oh, and would it be a better idea to go to a doctor to get it done because I think they would sterilize the titanium bar that I bring, or should I just go ahead and go to a tattoo and piercing salon? I’m sorry for all the questions that you have obviously already answered! I just want to be sure before I mess up again! Thanks πŸ™‚

  44. I got my belly button pierced 3 years ago and there is one thing that fed me up. My pierced skin is just so thin and thus bar ring could only be my choice.
    I worry that it will split if i put on a too heavy ring.
    Will the piercing hole closed up if I take out my ring and leave it for some time??
    Having an idea of piercing for 2nd time. Or will there be some other solutions else??

    Besides, I’m wondering why my belly rings often turn to be red in color in some parts. I think my belly rings are made by steel..

  45. i went to 2 piercing places and one said i couldnt get it cuz i was 14 and a muscle grows when ur 15 and u cant get it till then…but then the other one said u can get it when ur 14. should i just wait and get it when im 15 or is it okay to just get it now?

  46. Hey ! I have gotten my navel pierce on 4/17/11 and I was wondering is it’s safe to change the ring .Also is it’s safe to lay on my stomach.lastly is it safe to swim in a pool now.

  47. Um…. I perced my own belly button but it didnt work and it didnt go all the way in i really badly want it done and i dont have any treatment for it or belly button rings so i decided to leave it but my mum doesnt know i did it and it left a HUGE scar when will it go away

  48. I have wanted a belly button piercing since I was 8 and saw my 15 year old cousin with one.I’m 13 now and today I have spent all day on my laptop looking at different rings and sites about infections and how-to stuff,,and I have a couple of questions if someone could help please,Is it better to get a bioflex or 316L stainless steal?Will the piercer let me use a bioflex ring for my first piercing?Do they rip out easily?(only reason im asking is because we are going behind my dads back to get it done and my brother told my dad and he says if he catches me with one he will rip it out),and is it true that in the shower you have to turn it completely around,And what does it mean if they are UV rings??
    Someone please help!!Thanks!!

  49. So i just got my navel pierced about a week ago. its still a little red and sore, but only hurts when im at work. i have been able to sleep on it for the past couple of nites without any problems, and when im home i dont even notice its there. they pierced it and put in a captive bead ring, that i dont care for, how much longer would you suggest before i change it to the ring i bought? i clean it once a day with dial soap, rinse it 3-6 times a day with h2ocean, and do the salt water soaks atleast once a day…does that mean that maybe i’ll be able to change the ring sooner?

  50. I am thinking of getting my navel pierced, however…I am pudgy/chubby-specially in my tummy area. Does that make me unable to get one?

  51. Okaiee I need help im 11 and me and sum of my mates peirced our belly buttons yesterday and ive peirced my self millions of times before but I sterilised my needle before I done it and wore gloves and the needle went the whole way through and wen I woke up this mornin the top hole is al white and red I think its swollen up to is it infected if so wat wil I do wil u email me the answer or something x x

  52. I’m 21 andi eill be getting my belly pierced i want to know the specific intruction on cleaning my belly piercing what products i should buy and also can i clean in in the shower? how to dry it when i’m finish can i dry with a towel?

  53. Ok… I sall sone qustions and I lm going to ancer them ok…. The cost for this whould be around $45, u have to be 18 to get it done with out parent consent but if ur parent or parents take u and ur 18 and u have them sight a parent consent form you can get it done,it will NOT strech the skin if you play sports/dance/cheer/softball/ basketball/track/inc., So my best advise is if u see it, like it, get it!

  54. Why shouldn’t I pierce my own bellybutton? I know it will get infected easier but if I sterilize it and pierce it in the right place then I’ll be alright. Well what I’m saying is why is the risk of getting an infection higher than if I get it done?

  55. Why shouldn’t I pierce my own bellybutton? I know it will get infected easier but if I sterilize it and pierce it in the right place then I’ll be alright. Right?

  56. Hello, so i got my belly pierced about 6 days ago and i’ve cleaned it with salt water 5 times a day (like my piercer told me to) and well.. Around the top hole it’s gotten red and my friend said it’s normal but i really don’t know.. If it’s infected i CAN’T tell my parents and i also can’t go to the Doc. Do you think it’s infected? How should i treat it if so??

  57. heeey! i am 13years old and am goin to have my belly button done todaY so i wanna no liaaake what belly bar is the best for me as i do break dancing street dance and cheerleading not just that i also do horse riding (i have my own horses hehe) it’s liaaake scaring me because i dont wanna strech my skin from dancing with my belly bar in but i want one that is liaake fashionable because im always on the beach in my bikini in the summer as i live in miami πŸ™‚ ta xxx

  58. hey i just wanted to know if it would be a gud idea to get my belly button pierced again because the first time it closed up & left a mark but its not so bad and i really want it done again! will it hurt more since i already had it done & to make sure it heals gud this time i was thinkin about getting a bio ring and changing it as soon as i get it done or could the peircing people do that? o does anyone know if merderma would work on a belly button scar? help help help! want my belly button done in like 2 weeks! thanks πŸ˜‰

  59. Okay I have had my belly button peirced for a little over three months. & I changed after two months. After that it showed irration and red and it would puss all time. I cleaned it everynight. Well it got seemingly better after, and a few hours ago i changed it to the orginal peircing ring they gave me. weeeell here is where i waas trying to use a new cleaning method by taking the ring out and when i did all this blood and puss spoud out and i would sqeeze it and seemed like it would never end. it was comming out of the top and bottom hole. soo i soaked it in salt water and my belly ring and im not sure if it means it was infected. It’s never done that before. and it wasnt a green color of pus. i dont know whats the hell is wrong with it and i would really appericate some help cause google is like not helping at all!

    -Thankss! (Sorry about the disgusting details i said i just thought i would help)

  60. Im supposed to be getting my bellybutton pierced really soon- but i just remembered that im allergic to metal! what should i do?
    and whats the cheapest way to do it?(:
    drop me an email asap! thanks!

  61. Im supposed to be getting my bellybutton pierced really soon- but i just remembered that im allergic to metal! what should i do?
    and whats the cheapest way to do it?(:
    drop me an email asap! thanks!

  62. Hi, I’m curious about the standard length of a navel piercing. I’ve searched a lot of websites but they only show the “length”(which is the gauge of the jewellery). So could you please email me back?

  63. ok I got mine pierced July 7, 2010 and it’s been a month, i really wanna change it. heres my issue, about a week ago when i clean it this yellowish stuff came out of it. one of the piercers said that it might do that, do im not to worried about it. (it’s a yellow whiteish color) anyway i think i’ve been irratating it, becasue it got a little red, but it goes away, but it started to bleed a little like not a noticable amount but like a little spot. so what should i do?

  64. hello i got my bellybutton pierced in march and it was doing good but have always been red but i changed rings and now on top in front the skin looks real thin you can see the bar through it it im scared its gonna go straight through and rip it the skin so then it wont hold the ring in place what do i do?

  65. I was wondering how long to wait to change your belly button after you get it priced?
    I got it done July 8, 2010. & I am unsure how long to wait. I haven’t changed it yet, i keep it clean every day it looks healthy!
    Could you please e-mail me backk πŸ™‚ ?

  66. I was wondering how long I should wait to change my belly button ring?
    I got it done July 8, 2010
    Would you mind sending me an email?
    thanks πŸ™‚

  67. i am 12 years old i am really responsible i want a belly button ring so bad i think they are verry fashinuz i able and i cant wait till im 13 cuz i want it so bad i want to know how to convince my mom. what does my mom have to do to get it for me. can i do it in masssachusetts. and what is the cheapest cost!( nice quality)

  68. Hi, I’ve had my belly buttom pierced already but it felt. It’s really hard to explain, but although I took very good care of it ( they used a metal ring, the guy who did it told me he couldn’t put one I brought, i guess cuz he certifies that his piercings are clean) anyways, he told me to move it as much as i could so it woulnd’t stick! however during a year my piercing got more to the front each time, leaving it with little skin to hold until it & felt by its own (& it did not hurt at all, i didn’t even noticed) my belly buttom is fine. But I want to have it done again, I have a gold piercing now, and I would want them to use that one. However, is it true that for the first piercing it should be a ring? & after I get it done, I’m going on a trip a week after to an island, can I get it done now or should I wait after the trip? please answer as soon as possible scince I have 3 days to think about it! in order to give it a week before going to my trip. thanks!

  69. Hey, I got my belly button pierced 3 weeks ago. It is really pink around the hole and it has a little bump around it too. Then it has a lighter pink that looks like a rash around it. Is it proper healing? Or is it infected? Or am I allergic to it?

  70. I’ve had my belly pierced for well over 3 years now. I decided to put in a different ring which was stainless steel. I got a bit of a lump and red spot on the inside of my belly button where the ring comes down through. no puss or anything, would you say i could be allergic to the metal it was made from? I am not sure what the other one was made from, but I put it back in last night and its not as painful to touch this morning.

  71. I was thinking about getting my belly button pierced for my 14th bday. I was wondering if i get it pierced would i be able to swim afterwards? Also do u have any good piercing places in Kittanning, PA?
    P.S please email back really soon. thanks

  72. My daughter has her belly button pierced about 4 months ago. She is now a cheer leader and told she has to take it out for practices and also games. Games are 4 hours long and she is afraid it will close, is there anything that is non metal that she might be able to use?

  73. Is it a good idea to get my belly button pierced if in about 2 weeks I’ll be cheering and stunting?

  74. I am getting my belly button pierced in a couple of weeks and I am so excited!!! I am getting a purple stainless steel one. The diamond and ball is purple. I cannot wait, I am 15 by the way. I cant wait to go to Catalina and show it off in my new bikini!!!!!!

  75. HEY umm i was wondering, im gettin my belly button pierced in a few weeks and im 14. i heard that if you get it done too young and you grow that it will stretch your skin or your belly button and make your piercing reject or migrate and leave baaad scarring. is that true??? am i too young? and IF so, would waiting until i turn 15 make a difference? anyone who knows the truth about this PLEASE answer! thanks…

  76. Hii, I just got my belly button pierced like 4 days ago and i had a few questions that i hope can get answered! Its still a little sore when i move and stuff and im very active, i love my sports and i workout like crazy! When will i be able to do ab workouts and any other workouts? Also, i can feel the bar through my skin and i was wondering if that was normal..and if it was is it possible for it to tear/split? …like i said i love to workout and stay fit but i really dont want my belly button to tear open! any advice for me? If this is any help i got a stainless steel barbell, but its not a plain one.
    please help me! Thankss!

  77. i just got my belly button pierced yesterday and i am allergic to nickel so i got sergical steel is that a good choice? and i use the spray cleaner stuff three times a day do i need to wash it with soapy water on top of that ?

  78. okay so i just took my belly ring out for the first time and it bled a little but it doesnt hurt at all and its been about a month to a month and a half since ive had it peirced…does that mean that its infected or is that normal?

  79. hi ive had my belly button peirced and im going to change it for the first time. the bar im going to change it to is 80%metal 10%glass and 10%epoxy. will that bar be okay? help me quick.

  80. Hi everyone, I’m 12 and I want to get my belly button done over this summer so it will have time to heal. Both my parent are fine with it but the only problem is that every place I’ve gone too says that in Tucson Arizona you have to be at least 14 with a parent, I was thinking about doing it myself…please help me with any information about places that would do it for me while I’m 12 or advice on doing it myself.
    Thank you

  81. hi, why did i have piercing migration and if i should pierce my navel back what would be the best ring to use?

  82. I want to get my belly peiced on my birthday next month, and i wanted to know can i continue to take baths with a new belly peicing?

  83. Hiya! I’m turning 18 in September and I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get my belly pierced as part of the celebration. I have a couple of rings picked out that I really like, but I want to know if you have to get a standard ring first and switch out later on after the piercing has healed.

    Also is surgical steel safe for the initial deed or should I opt for Stainless or Titanium. I don’t think I’m allergic to any metals.

    If you could drop me an email that would be awesome! πŸ˜€

  84. if i was to go with the Bioplast first and then change it to a belly bar who that infect or would one be bigger then the other so it would hurt

  85. what would you recomend for the first time getting it done….i only have my ears done and im scared

    1. bioplast, gold thats 14k or above, high grade stainless steel or titanium are perfect. If you have money, definitely go for gold! If not, go for bioplast, titanium or stainless steel in that order. The piercing is just a pinch – there’s nothing to be scared of.

  86. im getting my belly button pierced and im scared witch one would hurt less or do all the rings fell the same?


    I got my belly done by my sis on march 8 2010 and we had everything to keep it clean…… A month later it turns dark around the hole there’s is no pain at all not even when touched I always get hit there by my friends and my brother always punches me there to and they don’t know I have it and it doesn’t when they hit me there….. I clean it with sea salt twice a day for 5 min and the ring is stainless steel what should I do…I’m thinkin of changing ring to the flexible one but then again I don’t know much…. What do you think Robert??? What do you thing is up with my pericing???
    PS: my parents don’t know and i’m planing to tell them when It look fine and healthy and when I turn 15 which is in 2 1/2 month PLEASE HELP AND CAN YOU E-MAIL

    i think u should listern to ur parents, if they say i cant get it dont, u will have to wait untill ur 16! its not the end of the world. they are only wanting the best for you! if u are tring to persude them just tell pick an angle and sick with it, like u could say its not a big deal and its not gonna be forever, cos u can take it out and it will not look bad, u can always cover it up with tops! or it will help u feel better about urself. if they say u are not respecting urself, then say if u get it done u will be prouder of ur body and respect urself more! dont ever say u are getttin it for ur boyfried or because everyone else is doing it because if thats the reason its not rly good!
    PAIN:weather it hurts or not depends on r thinkin, if u believe it is gonna to hurt u will think about it more and it will hurt more! if u rly want it done it will not matter how much it hurts!
    ALERGIES if i think u might be or know u dont reack well if metals like me, why dont u just be sure and get a bioplast one!
    ATFER CARE use the stuff they give u when u get it done!

  89. hey im 16 and my mom or dad dont want me to get a belly button pericing my mom says that its not good for me becuz im allgeric to some metals but we dont know which ones…. so what should i do to convince her its ok ?

  90. my mom said i could get mine through the easter break i swim for my school and i am wondering how long i have to wait to go swimming or do i even have to wait ???????????????????????
    plz send me an email

  91. hey im 16 and my mom or dad dont want me to get a belly button pericing πŸ™ my mom says that its not good for me becuz im allgeric to some metals but we dont know which ones…. so what should i do to convince her its ok ?

  92. okay …….im 17 years old and i just get my belly ring done and it’s “PiNk “… that bad …………….oh yeah and will cocoa butter heal it faster if so how many day to it take to heal wit cocoa butter…………………..and how many days do it take to heal with sea salt ?

    1. ‘Pink’ is normal for a new piercing. Follow the cleaning instructions on this this Piercing Aftercare post for the and your piercing will heal quickly. The article also gives approximate healing times.

  93. Im 16 and i really really really want my belly button pierced. I already told her that i old enough to get. That im not showing it to anyone.I looked up healing time, cost and all that and my mom still says no. I want my belly button pierced so bad that every time i talk about it or even look at this website i get in trouble.Please someone help me on how to talk her into leting me get one.

  94. hi…. i goott my belly button pierced last month…. bestt thing i did…. my parents said i couldnt get it but i still did…they only yelled at me for like 2 mins that wass worth it!! if anyone is planing on getting it done i would tell u to go for it! it doesnt hurt at all!!! my biggest fear is needles but i got it done i didnt even cry… it heals in like 3 weeks if not faster depending on how well u clean it…. i cleaned my 3 times a day….another thing i did was i had my doctor check it out and he gave me some of his on treatment…. juss to make sure it was not infected….i really think that 1st think about it really well…and then go for it… when your in the room bring your ipod and take deep breaths and u wont even notice that its happping….

  95. well my friend is only 11 and she has her belly button peirsed and her parents said no but she still got it done.i really want mine done but my parents say no and i was wondering if i could still get it done?

  96. SO I recently ( about 1 1/2 week ago) got my inverse navel pierced, and with my top navel piercing i can feel the jewelry through it but not as much as the bottom, is this normal and i cant see the jewelry through it and its 14 gauge. Kinda worried. thanks

  97. Hi,
    Im eleven and im a bout to turn 12. I really want my belly button peirced because all the cheerleaders on my team have it done :/ Is there any way i can like talk my my mom into it before my birthday? also does it hurt and how much does it cost. And one more question when u are able to personalize your belly button ring do you think they have play boy ones?


  98. HI, okay so I am only 12 yrs old and was owndering if it actually feels like a sharp pinch? And I was wondering if you can change your belly rings to a bioplast one if you just got it pierced? Because my dad is very violent and thankfully he doesn’t live w/ my mom, so WHAT DO I DO?????? Please plaese please help me! I need to know!!!! B) B) B) B) B) B) B) B) B) <(") <(") <(")

  99. well im 12 turning 13 next month and wanted to get my belly pierced in like march!! My niece and i were goin to get it done together, and like i really want one but im really scared that its goin to hurt alot, and i hate pain. can i us numbing cream at my age and do u think it would hurt alot for my size and age? im pretty skinny and would prefer to us the cream, does the cream work?? should i get it done? πŸ™‚

    anyone plz answer my questions and tell me what you think!!! πŸ˜€ thank u everyone and i appretiate all the comments, also im really excited to read everyones comments and thoughts………………………………thank you again!!! πŸ˜€

  100. hey guys i got a question:
    my lobe piercing was healed quickly
    and i really want to pierce my bellybutton ,but im afraid it doesnt heal so fast
    that where bad because in sommer i often go swimm, is it good enough if i let it pierce in march/april???(sorry for my bad english im from other country πŸ™‚ )

    1. New piercings should not be exposed to water in pools, oceans or lakes until they are fully healed. This can take up to 3-6 months and often longer. Bacteria in the water can cause irritation and infections. There are waterproof patches available online or in your local pharmacy that will help in your situation.

  101. HELP hey i got my piercing two weeks ago before going on holiday then i went swimming(i dint kno until now ok) at sun city (very public place) i felt my piercing was fully healed but then i kept accidentally hurting it( the pain!) and ive only been cleaning it with salt and water. it was swollen for a whyle but looks fine to me now but is sometimes itchy a little and puss ,and i think the belly ring i used is too short what should i do

  102. hey i was thinking in getting my bellybutton pierced, but im allergic to silver and fke gold, actually i only wear gold because any other earrings made from other materials make my ears go red and get itchy….wat wouyld u recommend me?? bioplast, stainless stell or titanium????………….PLEASE email me and answer me back

  103. hey im planning to get my belly button peirced but i am unsure if i should wait intill the end of swim season. Im a diver so im in a pool everday and i also doing a lot of physical activeties. shouold i wait or will it be ok to go ahead and get it done?

    1. Fresh piercings react badly to pool water. It would be best to wait until the end of the swim season. Bear in mind that it may take 3-6 months for the piercing to heal and the piercing should not be exposed to pool water until it has healed.

  104. hey i was thinking in getting my bellybutton pierced, but im allergic to silver and fke gold, actually i only wear gold because any other earrings made from other materials make my ears go red and get itchy….wat wouyld u recommend me?? bioplast, stainless stell or titanium????………….PLEASE email me and answer me back πŸ™‚

  105. hey…im thinking about getting my bellybutton pierced…but im allergic to silver ang fake gold…usually i only wear gold earrings because any other material makes my ears get red and itchy….wat do u recommend me? bioplast, titanium or stainless steel????

    1. From my own experience, I find bioplast to be the most reliable for first-time piercings. Its cheap, comes in many styles, and it’s durable. If taken care of properly, bioplast will reduce healing time considerably, meaning the jewelry can be changed sooner.

  106. ok so how long after getting ur belly pierced to u have to wait to go swimming in the beach
    cause i got it disarvo and im suposed to be goin to the beach tomorrow will i still be able to swim with my patch cover thing on

    1. Its advised that you don’t expose your piercing to sea water until it heals, and that can take several months. If the piercing is covered so its waterproofed then it should be OK. But take care – many coverings will peel off quickly so prolonged exposure in the water may be harmful.

  107. i really want my navel/belly pierced my moms say no i am to young but i said that some people younger than me have it. i am 14 and wondering how can i get her to change my mind

    if i cant i will get my big brother to take me to get it keep it covered and after its healed show it

  108. what if you r swimming and they don’t allow swimming what do you do and what if you already have one and you r swimming

  109. So i got my belly button piericed January of 09. For the most part it has heald up, but the redness has never gone away from the top hole, and the bottom hole i just nitcied has had a layer of rough/hard skin around it. It is also still sore. Im assuming this is not normal. How can i make the rednedd and rough skin go away? Will it ever stop being sore?

  110. i got my belly button pierced like the last week of feb. and i think its infected. like not badly. but whenever i wake up it has like crusted pus and blood. and when i clean it..sometimes it bleeds. not alot. but it still does. idk what to do. can you help me?

    1. Hi Audrey,
      If your piercing was OK up to now, it may be that your piercing has had some type of impact. It may be from exercise or moving while sleeping. An hard plastic, vented eye-patch is recommended for use if this is a possibility. And continue your normal cleaning process. Do not pick the crust with your fingernails and minimize the movement of the ring when cleaning. Click here if you need advice on normal cleaning procedure. If the bleeding persists or gets worse, contact a professional piercer who will help you further.

  111. ok i am kind of young to want my belly piercied but i have wanted if for so long it took almost 3 years to talk my mom in to it i am going to get it done this tuesday i am nervous espically with my nana telling me if i do i wont be able to get pregnat later on in life and my mom even though she said yes is telling me even if i take good care of it it will still get infected {true-false?} anyways i am still trying to decide what to get for a ring im in jr high so for this quarter i dont have gym but when i do will it get infeted if sweat goes into it?? i want to have ring that is flexible and wont give me a allergic reaction want anwser my questions feel free oh and wat should i use to clean it i heard peroxide is bad and triple antibitoc ontiment is2 so wat do i use oh and any tips for nervousness anwser me back here or email me at thanx abby

  112. Short Version: Had a Pancreas transplant, my stomach doesn’t exactually look bad, but it doesn’t match up because they cut through my belly button. It’s healed, and I’m considering getting mine pierced, except my transplant failed and I’m going to be getting another one. Few questions…. I thought I would ask here first, before I consult my team.

    1. I have a lot of scar tissue, how will this affect it?

    2. How long before you can go swimming, take baths, basically suberge yourself in water? (Assuming it’s like staples you jut let the water run over it for some time, than eventually you can bathe in a bath/swim)

    3. How about the Ocean/Lake V. a Pool?

    4. When I get my unexpected call for surgery, will I be able to take it out so they can opperate?

    5. How long does it take before it closes up? (I’m thinking it will with recovery)

    Also, my stomach may not be perfect anymore, but I’m not out of shape, and I show my scar to anyone. I think having it pierced will make it prettier. πŸ˜€

    Thanks <3

    1. Hi there. I cant give you a straight answer about scar tissue because I havent seen it – any piercing studio will advise you on this. You wont be able to go swimming in pools, lakes or the sea until the piercing is healed. Belly piercings can take as little as 10 weeks to heal but can take up to 12 months-it’s individual. Piercings can be taken out but it’s not recommended until the piercing is healed. And piercings are pretty quick to close up. Some piercings can start to close up in 24 hrs. Hope this helps and really sorry to hear your transplant didnt work out. Hope all goes well second time.

  113. Im fourteen almost fifteen years old and my mom wont let me get mine done til im 16. I feel like im old enough to get it done, i really want it and im sure i want it done . But it really bothers me how all these eleven year old girls who are probaly in the fifth grade have their bellies done and the only thing i have pierced are my ears .

  114. Hi, I’m 12 years old and I have my belly button pierced. I’m really scared about if something happens to it during P-E or something? Like someone kicks a ball at me and it rips out? Advice? Experience?

  115. My friend is 11 years old and she litterally (no joke) has had her belly button pierced!! I saw it once in P.E.

  116. Hello,

    I got my belly button peirced 2 years ago. I did not have an initial infection but I did get one about a month later that went away after I washed it. Now the inside of my belly button is red and a layer of skin is missing. It itches alot and the skin will come off if I pick at it. The top hole is not infected but the bottom hole includes the redness, and it encircles just the outer part of the inside of my belly button, not the far back. I try to wash it with saline solution but it continues to be red. Is it infected, or do I need a different kind of ring? What should I do to help it heal? Thank you!

  117. Hi (:
    i just got my belly percied about 4 weeks ago but my titanuim bar fell out & i lost it & i bought a new one which is surgical steel but i dont think my wound is healed yet :- is this dangerous ?
    let me know
    thanks x

    1. Hi Lisa, if you havent inserted your new piercing yet read our section on changing a belly ring. If you have inserted it and you havent seen any inflammation or infection then youre ok!! Just follow your aftercare instructions an you should be fine. If you have any more questions feel free to post them on our forum and get advice from other Belly-Button-Rings-Guide members.

    1. The ring shouldnt be taken out to clean it. Just keep the area around the piercing clean. It could be very difficult to get the ring back in.

  118. Hey,

    I had my belly button pierced for the second time, ths time my belly button itself is red….not the piercing, the actual belly button…could i be allergic to the titanium? I also use saline a couple times a day and use the dial soap?

    Let me know…thanks Vickie

    1. Hi Vickie,

      It is possible that you are allergic-some people are-i cant know for sure without seeing it. The best advice i can really give is to go back to your piercing shop and get advice…..its usually free!! In the meantime, just keep it clean…check out our article on Belly Button Cleaning and Aftercare near the bottom of the home page.

  119. Heey! πŸ™‚ Robby you have been doing such an amazing job answering everybody’s questions, I just wanna give props to yu because I’m sure yu calm a lot of panicking girls with their belly piercings (:

    I’m getting mine pierced tomorrow! I also cannot let my parents find out that I am getting it done, and my question is: Some people say that yu shouldn’t use peroxide, bactine, h2ocean, and salt soaks (for piercings under the neck). But others say that sea salt soaks are a necessity. However others say that for belly piercings yu just need to use antibacterial soap to clean it. I have a pretty good idea that antibacterial soap is what yu should use.. but I’m confused with the h2ocean/sea salt soaks? Should I use it, or not? Can I use both the soap and the sea salt together?

  120. Hi, i got my navel pierced twice, one last year n one this year, but both got rejected by my body. It was surgical steel barbell. I took good care of it n clean it according to their instructions: twice a day, when i wake up n before bed with the gentle soap they sold at the piercing place, and then 2x a week with sea salt solution. It didn’t get caught on anything, but both times they started moving towards the surface of the skin to the point that I had to take it out before it rips my skin.

    What is the likeliness of me having a navel piercing again without being rejected by my body again? Is it because of the steel, i heard steel is still partly mixed with other metals, is that true? Another option i was given was titanium, is it better than surgical steel, or what other options are there for me?

    Also, how come it looks like when i got my navel pierced both times, the skin that was holding it didn’t seem as wide as pictures of people with navel rings i find online? I don’t have a very-defined “flap” on the top part of my navel, but it’s still there, and i’m definitely an “innie”.

    Please help πŸ™ thanks in advance!

  121. I just got my belly button pierced about 3 days ago and it looks crooked?? Is it because its swelling?? They also told me to clean it with soap and water and to apply neosporin 3 times a day for 4 days. Is this true??

  122. Okay so im 17, i got my belly button pierce april 13th, and its not july 27th. Whenever they peirced it i bled, but she said thats normal with some people. Its started to ooz later on, which also is what she said would happen. I changed the ring once exactly 3 months later. And it still oozes and bleeds every now and then?

    is it infected? but it looks perfect normal, and its not irrating me.
    It just bleeds adn oozes?

  123. Umm hi..I’ve had my navel pierced before in 2007 but my mum saw it and made me take it out so it has healed now i want to re-pierce it again.. and my skin is sensitive so i can not use fake metals so which rings are the best for me to use and i s this a good idea to re-pierce it again or leave it alone?????

  124. Hey i was wondering how long you are saposed to leave the ring in they put in before you change it to a differnet one? The guy at the tatoo place didnt tell me….

  125. liv
    a belly button pierceing doesnt really hurt but thts only for some ppl some ppl say it hurts like hell but if u take good care of it itll be fine and yea i guess bioplast would be a good choice but if u go to the parlor and they use autoclave insted of sterlizing bad choice just walk right out

  126. hi,
    im 16 and getting my belly button done in 2 weeks. im really scared though.
    ive read all these horror stories on them and im ready to back out of it. im just really scared that it will hurt or get infected. i really want a bioplast ring. is that a good choice for my first ring?if someone could give me a reponse that would be wonderful. feel free to email me (serious anwsers and someone who knows what their talking about only please)

  127. Hi, I’m going to get my naval pierced, I’m 15, and I don’t know if I should go to a place where they give you the hoop belly rings, or the most common ones? My mom’s making me get the hoop one, but I’d love to get the common ones, which is better for you?

  128. Ok so I am gettingy belly button done this weekend but I an going to the guadelupe next week so should I wait to get I done because I want it done soooooooo…. Bad!
    What would u do???
    Please help

  129. so i can’t figure out how to post a forum, but i do have some questions.
    1. My friend told me i could use contact solution instead of buying saline solution, do they both do about the same thing?
    2. I read on a website that you can use table salt instead of sea salt. Is that true?
    3. I just got mine pierced about a week ago and I’m going to Las Vegas next week for a basketball tournament and was hoping to be able to go swimming at the hotel. I read in one of your posts that if the water has chlorine in it, then it should be fine after a week. But i just wanted to double check.

  130. omg!!! idk iff i should get one….
    men theyy look soo cute…

    but i dont want it 2 get all ugly when my belly
    get big when iam about to have a babyy…..?!

  131. okay so i got my ballybutton peirced on august 30 for my 15th birthday and i got it done laying down, it looked really good and everything and i waited till after christmas to but a barbell in becasue i didnt like the hoop. i cleened it with distilled water and sea salt and then used a disinfectant soap after that. i started noticing that the bar was showing alot and the peircing could easily be ripped out, the skin was getting really thin, it was liek it was pushing itself out. is this becasue i was allergic to the metal? if so, what could i put in it? my skin is verry sensitive to cheap jewlery..

  132. i have a piercing ive had it for a week and it has green things around it.but its like puss and then it looks like i used to have a blister on it you know the ring of skin??wat do i do

  133. So I’m getting my belly button pierced for the second time in two weeks. Most places use surgical steel which HAS NICKEL IN IT & I’m allergic to nickel…that’s why I had to take it out the first time. I was going to bring in a gold plated belly ring for them to use because gold is one of the very few metals I can wear. Good idea or no?

  134. how long should i wait to go in chlorine water? and i also hurd salt waters good for it. is that true?

  135. This is for everyone 1 time ah tried and ah pierced my own bellyring ah was so anxious and it rejected so the layers of my skin peeled but know ah recently got my belly pierced like May 13 and honestly its like already healed I cleaned it and it doesnt hurt anymore ah can lay on it and move it no bleeding or crust is coming out I was so like suprised because people says it takes 3 to 6 months but it really doesnt it depends on your skin if you have keloid most likely would get any but my skin is normal im used to getting marks and stuff and my belly is fine I want to change it cuz it isnt sore the only thing happens is when I get in the tub white stuff comes out but no pain should ah change it

  136. hi,hi
    i got my first bellyring 2 days ago and now its itching is that because its healing or what?
    please help

  137. How long do you have to wait till you can change your belly button ring?? Does it turn dark around the hole and if it does what can i do about it??

    there is a few things possible in your case
    1.) you have been too young when you got it pierced
    2.) youre body is rejecting it because its a foreign object and your belly button well sry but just cant be pierced
    3.)you have bumped it around too much or havent taken good care of it
    for help…talk to a professional …a different tattooist/piercist or possibly a doctor, GOOD LUCK! πŸ™‚

  139. um…im so glad i found this website i got my bell button pierced on april 1,2009 and basically ive always had problems with my ear piercings turning black so ill have to put alcohol on their but i cant do that with my belly button so besides bioplast rings what can i put on my piercing to make it go away(the dark spot where my belly ring goes)

    thanks soooo much and i am 13 and i wanted to get my belly button pierced for my 14th bday (in like 2 1/2 months) but my mom said i have a lot of growing to do so would it be best to wait and get it pierced for my 15th bday insead??, because my belly button has changed a lot since i was younger and i reaaalllllyyyyyy dont want it rejecting or migrating PLEASE ANSWER SOON AND THANKS πŸ™‚

  141. Hi Vanessa,

    Both Bioplast and titanium are good for the first time piercings. The only thing – if you’ve active lifestyle you’re probably better off having the Bioplast ring as it’s flexible and allows for extra body movements during the healing process.



    i am hopefully getting my navel pierced for my b-day (ill b 14) and ive heard some bad and many good things about bioplast should i get my navel pierced and put a bioplast or titanium ring in it for the healing process??? PLEASE ANSWER SOON =) thankyou!

  143. Hi Tigerstripe,

    There is a chance that you can get some parasite or something like that if swimming outdoors while the piercing is still fresh.

    But if you’re diving in a pool (which is most likely the case, isn’t it?) – there’s chlorine added to the water and there shouldn’t be any bacteria in it.

    Rosemary – the piercing costs around 40$ plus the price of the belly ring.



  144. Hi robby and everyone else,
    I have wanted to get my navel pierced for a long time and both my parents are completely fine with it. the only problem is that i am a spring-board diver and I’m in the water a lot. Would i be able to dive if i have it pierced?
    please reply soon. Thank you,

  145. Hi Robby,

    I am planning on getting the underside of my naval pierced and was wondering what the differences are between the top and bottom piercings.

    Thanks ever so much!

    Please send to my email

  146. Hey Robby, you told me I should get a bioplast belly ring but I’m not sure if the studio I might get it done at allows you to bring your own belly rings. I was wondering if I should still go there or go somewhere else if they don’t let me use my own ring? I just don’t know if they could autoclave it if I brought my own thanks!

  147. hey girls I’m a guy and I did mine myself….dont worry the needle was sterile and everything, but I need to know how long does it usually stay sore…., and when does the pink go away around the hole……I have had mine for about 2 days now lol, and i just thought one of you might be able to help me out….also if you girls have and tricks as to cleaning it let me know….please respond via email its easier for me TY

  148. Who wanted to be in pain guys??? No one else of course! I want to share this information about this thing that i had tried, it is a numbing cream, A product of Drnumb a Topical Anesthetic Cream, which is great for painless tattooing and body piercing. Come on no one likes pain?, I have this navel ring without pain, This numbing cream contains 5% lidocaine this helps numbing the skin area,and has the highest amount proven by FDA, It’s non-oily, water-based which is good and doesn’t interfere with the ink on tattoo, and of course medically tested and has a reasonable price. Adding to that, They had this offer, they give a free sample of this product for just trying, costing me only $14 just for shipping fee. Try it to believe it!

    Try visit they’re website it’s, or call their 24/7 toll-free hot line it’s 1-888-288-4847. Just dropping by for some info

  149. Ladies, PLEASE!! Do not pierce your own belly button. Many people have successfully done it, but it can get seriously infected and more than likely reject, and that is much more painful then getting it pierced.
    As for being active, when you have at least 2 weeks to take time off, that would be the time to get a navel piercing, unless you would rather get it possibly infected because of bacteria from sweat.
    Also, for puss and other fluids coming out of your belly piercing, it is normal for up to about 5-6 months, for the black that’s around the holes, just take some salt water and a Q~tip and go carefully around it. Please feel free to E-mail me anytime <3

    P.s. Ear cartilage piercings hurt more that belly piercings, but belly piercings hurt more than tongue piercings and Nipple piercings don’t hurt at all

  150. I want to get my belly button pierced, obviously, im in the process of loosing weight i want to know what would happen to the skin if i got the peircing and starting gaining or loosing weight, and when i could go in the pool for summer..? thanks!

  151. do you need 2 piercings?
    its a stupid question i know.
    but i was just wondering do you even need the top one.
    can you just have the one stud in the actual belly button?
    everyone has 2 and i want one. but if u cant i guess ill have to do 2 but i just wanted to know (and would ask the piercer but im still sucking up to my parents so it may be awhile)) i just wanted to knwo beforehand.
    ohh and im turning 14 by the way… hopefully its for my birthday :).
    please email me

  152. hey

    im 15 and i got my belly button pierce by my sister…she has done it b4 and i trust her wid my life…she did a great job but my parents dont know…they really cant do anything about it now cuz its almost healed but do u have any idea of some cleaners that i can use that are cheap that can help me to not get an infection and have to tell my parents? if they find out they would kill me!

    thanks Kylor

  153. I got my belly did last month and I can squeeze puff out of it is that normal or what and I also have the black spots on the top and bottom

  154. Hi Kelly,

    I think you really should go back to them and get either Bioplast or PTFE in.

    Ask what metal they inserted now and if it’s not surgical steel or titanium – that’s the reason for the tiny bumps, I think. If they say it’s nonsense – ditch them and go to another piercing studio!


  155. Okay .. well i just got my bottom part of my navel pierced on saturday [ it hurt more than the top one most definately ! )

    I been took the top one out a few months ago and i got an infection just because my allergic reaction to a belly ring i changed it to [ one from Spencers, of the Playboy bunny, it wasnt dangly .. it was just the bunny as a substitute for the bottom ball ) …

    anyways .. i think i have an allergic reaction to the regular bar that they pierce you with for the first time .. because im getting a couple, tiny bumps around the navel area and it is kinda, but not too much, itchy . it doesnt look bad but i am soo parinoid about it lol .

    so my question is, is it okay to go back to my piercer and have them place a different type of ring in its place ? .. like bioplast ? .. or is it too early to change it at the moment ? … another thing : does bioplast contain latex ?

  156. Hi Tumz,

    Common – be brave! πŸ™‚

    You’ll get through it and if you don’t change the piercing too soon and clean it daily with saline solution – you should be fine!

    So I’m wishing you luck – and you can submit your piercing story later on on this website here:

    Ciao! πŸ˜‰

    To Destiny –

    Usually it will take about 8 weeks for the fresh belly piercing to heal. It MAY take up to 7 months and can even start seeping fluid in a year’s time or so, but then you can neven be 100% certain about anything!

  157. Hey Robby!

    I would like to get my belly pierced but I’m SOOOOO SCARED of getting some sort of infection! I recently pierced my tongue and I’m heading for 3 weeks with it. I thoght it would hurt really badly but I’m just lucky I guess. (It didn’t hurt so much and now I’m great) Anyway, PLEASE WISH ME LUCK!! I’m so nervous and scared…it ain’t even funny.


  158. how much is it to get your belly done and im 13 and i am kinda scared so can any body tell me if it hurts or not

  159. No offense, but most of you in here who have to ask: “how do i convince my parents to let me get my belly button pierced”, “how old do you have to be”, “Does it hurt”, can’t make up your own mind and your friends have to speak for you, are under the age of 16, or you can’t spell or speak proper English, probably should not get your belly button pierced. Why are there 11 and 12 year olds with belly button piercings? You should be playing with dolls.

  160. i want to get my belly pierced now in march but i dont know how long i have to wait to go in side the pool one of my friends said that i should of got it done in december because it takes about 7 months to heal how long does it really takie to heal and is march a good time to ge it done if ur going to be in the pool and beach a lot mplease write beack i want o get it done really bad =[ thanx



  162. i wont 2 get mind dont but i dont know if it is a good idear because i have all kinds of stomck prombles and i am only 15 how old do i have 2 be 2 get it dont?

  163. Hi Payton,

    Well… The bananabells are the best for the belly piercings, but some piercers still use the traditional rings.

    But don’t worry – wear it until the piercing is well healed (for around 2-3 months) and then you can change it for another you like.

    Just be careful not the tear the piercing as you take off shirts etc.


  164. Okay i just got my belly button pierced and they put a ring through it. did they mess up? they said that was the best.

  165. i dont really know if there is an age to get your belly pierced because i got mine when i was 13 and one of my friends got hers done for her 12th birthday.

  166. hayy i have a questionn and im terriblyy confused!!
    okay i got my belly ring a year ago and ever since the skin that the ring is being held on is gettin thinner and thinner so i decided that i might need a ring with a shorter bar. however i am confused over which fraction offers a shorter bar. is the stick part of the ring shorter on the 3/8 or the 7/16??? pleasee help im going soon to get new ones =)

  167. I was just wondering if any one knew any good places to get my belly button pierced in Green Bay Wisconsin? And about how much it will cost?

    Thanks Desirae

  168. Hi Tracey,

    Well… If it’s OK with you! You see – a decent piercer should be capable of piercing a belly button so that it’s straight, not crooked.

    If it’s really bad, you may want to consider re-piercing – go to another piercing studio and make sure the piercer understands simple things like using a clamp when piercing and marking the piercing holes before actually piercing it.



  169. wow like i really want to go get mine done when i turn 16 in july… but im scared its going to hurt really bad. Do i just deal with the pain or wait till i can handle it?

  170. I’ve been looking online for bellybutton rings, and a majority of the ones i have found are titanium. and the one I like the most says its made out of Anodized Titanium, 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel. Does the fact of it being anodized make it less reliable or more dangerous to use?

  171. hi my name is sophie

    i am 11 years old and i have a belly button pierceing i had it done on wednesday and it is a bit infectid i have real silver belly ring and i have 2 real gold belly rings.

  172. Hi Everyone!

    Please post all these questions and similar ones into our forum here:

    Just get quickly registered in a matter of minutes and then you can post questions and help others as well!

    It’s going to be much easier to do it on the forum, believe me guys! πŸ™‚

    But now – some answers.

    Brittany – I think the key factor is to get the right material belly ring – PTFE and bioplast are the most bio-compatible ones:

    Lexi – probably the plastic belly ring that you have isn’t of a high quality. I say you go for a bioplast one or PTFE belly ring:

    Krista – I haven’t heard the belly ring will stretch your belly button, at least I think you’re not 5 years old! πŸ™‚

    Laura – if the belly ring with the dangle is sterilized – you can go for it. You can’t go for it, though, if it isn’t and the piercer has to use the autoclave. As for convincing your dad – read this article here that I wrote:

    About pain – it really varies among girls – some say it is quite painful, some feel nothing more than just a slight pinch. Just have a read in the piercing stories page:

    OK, thanks and see ya in our forum!

    Robby πŸ˜‰

  173. Helo,
    My Friend Said To Me The Other Week My Mum And Dad Said I Can Have My Belly Button Pierced And We Came Up With A Good Idea That We Had It Done At The Same Time BUT My Dad Says I Am Not Allowed Could You Please Tell Me How I Could Perswade Him To Letting Me Have It Pierced .
    P.S DOES IT HERT ???
    and please e-mail me back thanks bye πŸ™‚

  174. hey! I was thinking about getting my belly button or cartilage peirced for my upcoming birthday present. I’ve had my first hole in my ear lobes peirced since I was 6 (muchh older now)but in the past couple of years I’ve had my second hole peirced four times! Every time they got infected! I don’t unserstand. Did I develop an allergic reaction to certain medals! I’m not sure! So I am afraid to get another peircing because of infections esp. my belly button. And I’m afraid it’s going to hurt! ): Can someone help me please?! Thanks!

  175. Hey! I’m getting my belly button peirced for my birthday this march and I found a great 316l stainless steel belly ring that I want the peircer to use. However it has a dangling steel music note on it. The entire peice is about 2inches long and I know you mentioned not to use jewlery with acrylic or plastic dangling balls, but would stainless steel be fine?
    Please send me an email when ya get a chance πŸ™‚

    -Thanks a bunch!

  176. HELP!
    okay what will happen if you get it too young?
    will it strectch your belly button since you are still growing?? (its what my friend told me)
    I’m confused.
    I dont wanna make a mistake, and have it look deformed.
    I’ve been reSearching and no one you done it, had that happen to them.
    What are the conquences if you get it too young?
    I know you can get infections and stuff like that.

  177. I got my belly button peirced in August of 2008 and it’s still not really healed up, I have a nickle allergy so I got the titanium. Evidently the shaft had a nick in it and now (due to the advice given by my doctor) I have a plastic one in, but it still doesn’t seem to be getting better…is there any advice that anyone can give me regaurding making it heal up nicely?
    P.S. I’ve contimplating buying a bioplast, would it do any good?

  178. Hi Tori – it seems that some low-quality belly bar has been used when they pierced your navel. It definitely shouldn’t turn black!

    Megan – the most flexible belly rings are made from material called PTFE – you can see them here: They’re called pregnancy belly rings because that’s the most fitting occasion for long and flexible ones, but you can use them whenever you want!

    Bridgett – just don’t overclean it, OK? πŸ™‚ You’re saying you’re doing it constantly, well… maybe that’s too much! Allow your body take care of the wound and see what happens if you don’t touch it that often. Read about this approach here:

    Private – check this belly ring: it comes in 16 gauge and that shop has other belly rings in that size!


    Let’s discuss similar questions and concerns on the forum! It’s going to be a whole lot easier that way, isn’t it? So drop here and let’s begin asking and answering questions about belly piercings:

  179. Hey,
    I am allergic to fake gold and silver, what do you recommend I use, bioplast or titanium?

    Also, I was wonder how long it should take to heal. Summer is on it’s way and I want to be able to go into the river!

  180. I got my belly pierced on january 10th and it was healing fine and now its crusty and red and it swells up a little bit every once in a while, i know its slightly infected so ive been doing the sea salt thing and constantly cleaning it. how long will it take to heal now??

  181. hey i have my belly pierced and i can change th ebar soon but mine is 1.2mm(16guage) and i cant find any in my size because i have had a thiner bar put in as u may have read from my rteply up the top anyways i realy want a kool dangly one but i cant find any my size only labret bars wuld fit someone please hepl me!!!

  182. i just got my belly button pierced for my 15th b-day…just 2 days ago it kinda hurts when i clean it && its startin to look black in the top hole my best friend got it done wit me && says hers is the same way.

    is this normal?

  183. i want to have my belly piceied but my dad wont let me but my mum will s i dont no what to do and he said i am to young but the place i am goin to said if you are unde 16 u need a parents consent and that is my mum but he wont let me have it done .
    what are the effects if you piece it your self?

  184. i got my belly pierced in the summer and it’s still red. i went to the piercer and they said its not infected but i’ve been cleaning it to much. they never told me how to make the red go away. do you know wut i should do so the red goes away? or will it always stay red?

  185. HI,
    I want to get my belly button pierced, but I dance 9+ hours a week, and have competition starting up in april. I have been told its probably not a good idea to get my belly button pierced because of sweating and stretching. But I just discovered bioplast bellybutton piercings, and it says that they are flexible and decrease heeling time, I was wondering if I got a bioplast belly button piercing, if I would be able to still dance and stretch and everything???

  186. Hi Elizabeth,

    I guess the black patches might be forming because of a low quality belly ring.

    It might be some plated metal, or even silver.

    So it’s definitely a good idea to go back to the piercing and ask him to insert one of the belly rings mentioned on this page – titanium, stell or Bioplast.

    Best of luck,



  188. Hi Cindy,

    Laying down position would be the best because that way your body is more relaxed and it’s easier for the piercer to clasp the skin and pierce it.

    I guess those who do it in the stand-up probably have their reasons, but maybe they don’t… You see – there’s loads of non-qualified piercers out there and we’ve heard stories of belly buttons being pierced crooked on one side, too small skin-fold pierced etc. this all suggests that not maybe every piercer around can do this simple procedure as it’s supposed to be done!


  190. thanks,
    i had it for 2yrs now an im able to move it all around in stuff but no its not going to split. the guy pierced mines laying down so maybe thats why its thin

  191. Hi Shay,

    It’s not bad unless the pierced skin is so thin that over time it could just split.

    You know, it all depends on the piercer and how thick layer of the navel skin they pierce.

  192. hello, i was wondering why some peoples navel ring are short when they wear it.
    and if i have the same one i see more of the bar coming out?….is that bad?

  193. I think I’m allergic to metals, so I was wondering if I could buy a bioplast one on this site and then take it to my piercer, and see if he can put that one in instead … Could I do that ? Please answer this, leave me an E – mail, please.

  194. Hi,

    Generally you have to be 18 to decide it for yourself, and if you’re not 18 yet you need one of your parent’s consent.

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