Belly button pain – what if it hurts during the piercing process? Is the whole thing worth it?

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June 2007, Jean, Singapore

Belly Button Pain - Jean's Belly from Singapore

Well, I just pierced my navel a week ago. I wasn’t desperate for a navel piercing though. Just wanted to pierce something.

My brothers brought me to a piercing studio after my countless pleas. However when I reached the studio was closed. So I had no choice but to go there the next day, alone.

When I entered there were only 2 guys with lotsa piercings and tattoos chatting in the shop… Felt kinda weird to be there cos Singapore’s not really the place where many people have piercings and tattoos… Don’t know why. But yeah. I chose a blue curved barbell, signed the papers… Went in.

For me, my piercing hurt. I don’t suppose that’s rare or normal. My piercer did not numb my navel like what some shops do. Maybe he’s a rookie or something. After telling me about the aftercare and whatever, he marked… Then clamped… The clamp was a little uncomfortable. But not a problem.

When he finally started piercing my navel, I could feel my flesh tearing apart as the needle went in. Then he took my barbell and inserted it. That was the part where I really felt pain. I have no idea why. I didn’t cry or shout. It was just painful.

I stood up feeling rather giddy. Looked at my navel and walla! Fell in love. Walking after that made me feel a little queasy. It felt kinda weird cos it’s as if I injured my navel (tell me what are the chances of people injuring their navel in daily life? real low!).

The few days after that were fine for me. No infections. Only occasional soreness cos of my active lifestyle. However, recently school had started so I had to wear my uniform. My skirt has a waistband that keeps irritating my navel piercing. my navel now is fine… there are some pus coming out probably due to the irritation caused by my waistband. However it doesn’t hurt much. So yeah. I’m satisfied with my piercing. It’s worth the pain. =)

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