By Elizabeth from York.
belly_fbuAfter many years of being affaird of gettin my belly done I finially got it done I was scared but I did it. I actually got it done twice the first time the gu didn’t pierce it right so after it heal i got it done again and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did what the guy told me to do on how to care for it and i didnt have no problems know almost a year had went by im rockin my belly with my name on it. Know that I got my belly done I just had to get my nose done I was a little more nervesous bout gettin that done but since I really wanted it done I had to but on my brave face & do it. Its been a couple of weeks since I got it done but I must say that I LOVE THIS TO!!!!!!!!!!.

I was readin some of the stories I saw that all the girls on here had a touchin problem and when u touch it, it causes irriation to the skin and nose itself so what I was told was NOT to TOUCH it except to clean it then LEAVE IT ALONE otherwise if keep touchin it then ur gonna have irriation & reddness. I was alse told if ur ose ring was uncomfortable I was to clean my hands real good & ONLY MOVE the INSIDE of the nose ring & leave it alone.

If ur still havin problems with it I suggest that u go back to the place u got it done and/or go to ur family doctor. Summer time is almost here ladies & it is time to show off that that sexy belly and piercin…………………HAPPY PIERCING 🙂

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