Because I’m Famous

by Sky Elizabeth


My Bellyring:]

My Bellyring:]

Hello there friends, I’m Sky Elizabeth, and this is my belly piercing story.

About 5 months ago, in March, I decided I wanted to pierce my belly button. I wanted to pierce it because it was about 3 months before school ended.

I wanted to be the first kid in my eighth grade class to get one because I heard, or so I thought, that the popular girl in my class was going to get hers done.

I wanted to show people that I wasn’t the little princess they thought I was. I was 14, I still am, and I figured my parents would never allow me to pierce my navel, but i asked my mom anyways. She normally never lets me get away with anything, but my father step is more religious, so I figured my best bet was to ask my mom.

I ended up nailing her with, “Why don’t you get yours pierced too. It might give you confidence to lose that weight you wanted to lose.” I was right where I wanted to be. I asked my dad one night. My mom was sitting right next to him. I told him what I had to, and he said no.

Then out of know where, the next day he said, “So when are you getting your belly button pierced?” I was so excited that he was allowing me to get it! Me and my mom drove to the shop A few days later.

The lady asked, “Who is going first?” May I mention that it was about the only shop in Louisiana that would pierce my belly button at the age of 14? So I said my moms going first because I had to ask my dad for both of us.

She went first and said it wasn’t that bad. Then I went. It freaked me out at first, but then it was all good. It just stung a little bit.

After that I washed it every day/night just like the instructions said. Guess what: it still got infected! It hurt so bad sometimes that I wished I never got the thing! But now 5 months later, it is a little pink at the top hole.

It only leaks a little bit of fluid every now and then. It is just about healed all the way. I am so happy! I can now change the ring and everything! But a little advice if you will get one: watch the top ball!

I went to Destin, Florida and the waves at the beach somehow undid my top ball! I had to buy a $20 new ring just because the top ball came off!

Hope you enjoyed my story and I hope I gave you some good advice!

BTW: that popular girl… she still has no belly ring:]

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  1. Well i asked my mom too. i did all the research and told her everything right down to the cleaning instuctions and gauge size… i did it in a very mature and informative way that i though was good enough for any parent to say yes. I even offered to pay for it myself including the gas money to go to a shop… she still said no!!!!!! i was really upset and im 16 so its not like im irrisponsible or anything. i have invented a possible way to do it without her knowing. i will print a copy of my birth cirtificate and take my moms expired drivers license. my aunt thinks my mom should just let me do it so i will let her borrow my moms license considering that the two of them look really alike and she can take me down to get it done. so as far as any one knows my “mom” is taking me to get my belly button pierced. i am so excited this is a genous plan as long as my mom never sees my piercing for the next two years of my life. by then i will be 18 and it wont even matter 🙂 what do you think?

  2. Wow truly inspirational story 🙂
    I’m almost sixteen and I can’t even ask! :O your a strong girl 🙂
    I admire the whole story..I’m gonna try that line on my mom.
    Thank you 🙂

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