Beach belly ring – welcome to the Coral beach in Ireland’s West!

Hi folks! The summer has been officially opened by my first plunge into the Ocean and this time it is the Coral Beach in Ireland’s West. This is a fairly small beach and we discovered it last year while travelling along the west coast in a search of great beaches.

belly button rings webmaster at the Coral Beach

My wife and kids are having a really great time today and the Sun is shining abundantly and here you can see the beach belly ring in my wife’s belly!

belly button ring at beach

Who says belly button rings are out of fashion and don’t look great? I totally disagree with this and I guess you think the same! It adds some little spark to a woman’s appearance and especially at the beach;-)

This beach is unique with its zillions of tiny pieces of corals – it has no sand at all. At least we think it’s corals because the name of this beach suggests it and what else could it be?

belly ring with corals

Today my wife is wearing a reverse gold belly ring – this is her favorite one. However, as she’s slightly sensitive to gold she wears it only on some special occasions and today is really special for us all – the Sun, the Ocean and the Summer!

By the way – if you want to have a look at great beach belly rings like this one – drop into Body Candy – they have loads of navel jewelry and other great stuff.

Happy summer and be off to the beach whenever you can!

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