Banana Belly Rings – The Most Popular Body Jewelry!

Banana Belly RingsWhen you go browsing for body jewelry, you will most likely come across banana belly rings, which are a special kind of barbell meant particularly for belly piercings.

Considered as the most popular body jewelry, there is a massive variety of these available in a mind-boggling range of designs, styles and materials. Prices also vary but start from just $1.99!! Check out the range below – click on any link to see the full catalogue of items – there are hundreds to choose from.

Banana belly rings look very pretty and you can be quite proud of the way you look when you wear them. These rings fit snugly into your belly piercing. You can choose from a number of banana belly ring designs and shapes, ranging from the simple barbell to the funky dangling types.

The materials used in banana belly rings are mostly gold, 316L surgical grade stainless steel, titanium and Bioplast. There are multicolored jeweled dangling belly rings that will simply take your breath away. These brilliant designs sparkle from your navel as you move. There are handcrafted crystalline gem studded banana belly rings, for example, that look stunning with party wear!

Some of the banana belly rings that you will find online feature beautiful designs. The latest are the dangling, moving new belly rings that twinkle each time you move. If you enjoy variety and like being unusual, then you must look at the ones with road signs!

Then there are flag belly rings, designed according to your nationality. Some banana belly rings come with beautiful picture inlays. Birthstone belly rings are very popular as you can wear one depending on the one that’s suited to your zodiac sign for luck.

The pregnancy banana belly ring is perfect for those who want to keep their navel piercing intact. These flexible PTFE belly rings are of adjustable length. Some of these pregnancy belly rings come with two extra balls in different colors. To look simply dressy, take a look at 24-karat gold plated jeweled dangle belly rings. Some of these look beautiful with a drop at the end.

Choose from dangling animals or flower motifs, pretty butterflies, or just words and other interesting themes. Adjustable banana belly rings are available in Bioplast, the most body friendly material so that you can adjust the ring to fit your navel piercing.

Go ahead, choose the banana belly ring of your choice, and look great!:-)

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