Baby Blue

By Emily, from Independence.

I have wanted my belly button pierced since I was like 14.

When I was 17, I went and got my lip pierced on the right side, and I still have it. Now.. a year later, I’m 18. I have been begging someone to take me to get it done. I approach my mom and she won’t take me. She is very strongly against me piercing anything. But, after a day walking around bugging her, she took me to the shop called “freaks”.

I went in, and started to process immediately. I filled out the form, showed them my id, and picked out the jewel. I chose blue of course. I went in the room, and my mom went with me. She admitted she was a bit of a perfectionist and we redid the ink placement a few times.

She had me lay down. My mom was teasing me that I was gonna cry. I took a deep breath, let it out and she pushed the needle through. No clamp or anything. Then, I took another breath, let it out and she put in the jewelry. That happened to be the most painful part of the piercing, but it really wasn’t bad at all. Just a slightpinch.

I stood up and looked at it. I loved it. I paid her, and she gave me instructions to soak it in saline. For the first four days, it was not painful at all, it is just now getting sore. I’ve only had it since Monday and today is Saturday. It’s a bit red and there is the seeping starting to happen. It’s more painful now than it was earlier.

But I do adore my piercing. I have always loved them. I think piercings express people. I have been discriminated against because I’m just a ‘rebellious’ teen. I have my ears pierced twice, my cartlidge twice, my lip, and my belly button. But, I have straight A’s and I don’t get in trouble. So, I think those views are very false.

People with piercings aren’t any different from those who aren’t pierced. anyways. I love it. I would recommend that if you want it done, go for it. just be safe, and keep it clean! =] Great experience.

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