At last i have my love.

By Cece from Tacoma, Wa.

I’m not sure when my obession with getting my bellybutton pierced started.

I was really young and was always looking for something to fake the piercing if i had to lol. So fast forward to the future i started asking my mom and dad when i was 13 they kept saying no. At one point i tried to switch to bribery STILL didnt work when i turned 17 my bestie and i took a vacation to Virginia Beach to visit my brother.

We had planned on going to the piercing shop the first weekend that we were there. We arrived at the shop (that was a random pick) and it was closed for remodeling dissapointed we were on our way back to the car when a guy who happened to be the piercer in the shop stopped us and told us that we will still be able to get out piercings on that day. So he opened the shop.

Although the shop was going through a remodeling process there was still equipment set up he also had a LARGE selection of rings. It was $15 for the loop kind and $20 for a bar me of course went for the bar i think it loos so much better and is less of a safety hazard. I chose a sliver bar with a playboy bunny on it and a clear jewel for the eye on it.

He took us to the back and had me sit in this dentist looking chair. He was very funny and nice. He stuck the needle through and i was so anxious to see how it looked i tried to sit up and he was like no no lay down lol he put the ring in and screwed the ball on it was a very quick and painless process. My friend freaked out a little but she’s crazy so yea… lol the piercer then explained to us about how to do sea salt soaks and to use antibacterial dial soap in the shower and make sure to move the ring while cleaning and the healing time should be no more than 2 months.

I ended up changing my jewelry two weeks later it was nasty a long piece of skin came through the hole but other than that i loved my new baby lol I’m now 21 with a 2 month old son and still have my beautiful belly ring. Also in the pic i submitted i had my son 2wks prior


  1. I got the ring from body candy it was wayyyyy longer than i thought it was going to be lol and my hole never closed i was able to put my ring back in a few hrs after i had my son i didnt get really big when i was preg only the top part of my belly button stuck out i guess i got lucky lol

  2. HEY! Cool story. I got mine pierced when I was about 17 too. I really really like your belly ring, I love the dangling ones but can never find SUPER dangly ones that are less than $50+. Where did you get yours? Or do you know of any sites that have the really long dangling ones ?

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