at home belly piercing!(:

By Brooke, from Maryland.

i’ve wanted my belly button pierced for as long as i can remember now.
i asked my mom if she would take me to get it done, but she instantly said no, i was too young! i’m fifteen, by the way.
i began to protest but it didn’t help at all:(
i got really upset but i wasn’t going to let her tell me what to do.
i decided to pierce it myself.
i went online to read how to do it the correct way, and even watched some professional videos on youtube.

the videos were so helpful, i strongly suggest watching them if you ear going to pierce your own belly button.
i also ordered a professional piercing needle from . it was only about about two dollars, and well worth it!
after i was throughly prepared, i gathered my tools.
-14g hollow piercing needle
-rubbing alcohol
-belly ring

1) i marked the spot where i wanted the piercing and put on gloves
2) i put alchohol all over the area to prevent infection
3) i started at the botton and worked my way upwards so that i could easil but the belly ring in.
4) at first i went slow but then i just pushed it through
5) after the needle was completly in, i put the belly button ring through the bottom of the needle and began to pull it all the way out of the top.
this was the most painful part for me.
6) i put the top ball on and cleaned it more with alcohol

it took about one month to heal, and it hurt really bad through the healing process.
i almost decided to take it out but i’m glad that i didn’t.
i used non iodine sea salt to clean it everyday.
my parents still don’t know about it, i’m trying to build up my courage to tell them:P
oh, and if you decide to pierce your own belly button, please make sure you use a clamp! that was a mistake that i made and mine is kind of crooked.
but other than that, it turned out great!

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  1. thank you so much! this really helped me and my friends do our own! which BTW worked out really awesome
    :)thanks again brooke!!! BYE
    p.s yall hatersss in the first two comments just need to f**k off! thats so dam annoying…!


  3. Hey brooke ur awesum man, and everyone who wants to point fingers label and judge yall can rott in hell cuz aint no fukin body perfect no good dipshits let people b themselves fuk off!!! Good going brooke

  4. Listen Brooke, I think it was a great idea! U realy helped with my desicion. I am gonna do it, I am gonna pierce it. And listen Brooke is going through that rebelious stage. I encourage her because she is amazingly smart about knowing how to pierce it. So yeah! BACK OFF from Brooke.

  5. I think that maybe it was not a great idea to do it yourself, but at least you were lucky that it didn’t get infected.. haha. 🙂
    I am 15 too, my mom went with me and it didn’t hurt, I’m glad i did it and it look really cool.
    I can’t wait for mine to heal so i can start putting new jewelry in it! 🙂

  6. It takes 6 months to a year for navel piercings to heal. Yours would not be healed. What you did was stupid and should not be encouraged. CBRs like you used also hinder healing as they are more likely to be caught on clothing etc and can not sit under clothes without being pushed on.

    Next time do some proper research, AND LISTEN TO YOUR PARENTS. Congratulations on most likely losing their trust, and making it harder to get them to say yes in the future.

    And 15 is young! when you are in your 20’s and 30’s, youll look back and wish you listened!

  7. You should have waited until you were old enough to get it done professionally. It wasn’t a necessity to do it so early and getting it done yourself. You should start respecting your parents

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