Are you pregnant and don’t know whether to keep your belly ring or not?

pregnancy belly ringsHi girls!

But this time let’s talk about those girls who are very soon to become young mothers!

Your tummy grows, you feel the new life grow inside you… Must be wonderful, isn’t it?

But if you have a belly piercing, you may be thinking – ‘…is it going to hurt my baby if I leave the belly ring while being pregnant?’

And maybe your GP has told you better take out that belly ring while you’re being pregnant.

Well… It’s not actually the case! First of all these days you can get a special pregnancy belly ring – it’s made from plastic, no metals involved, and it won’t hurt your baby! Secondly, no-one has observed any bad influence of those pregnancy belly rings to the unborn babies.

So – if you still doubt, have a look a these pictures with women sporting belly rings while pregnant – they look so happy, don’t they?

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