Am I Ever Going To Get My Piercing!!!!!????

By Chrishonda, Austell, Ga, United States

Belly Piercing Story

I had really wanted my belly botton pierced for as long as i could remember but likke always my mom would say no. So i waited till november to start asking her again and all she would say is maybe or she’ll think about it.

But one day i read this artcle about a tattoo parler that was having a christmas party and was were my mom had got her tattoos done and they was giving away free tattoos and piercings so i begged and begged my mom to get it done and it surprised me cause she said yes and said she wanted to get hers pierced too so i was soooo happy!

So when december 20th came i couldnt hardly wait. i was so egar to go but it didnt start till 6pm so i had to wait what seemed like all day and finally it was time so my mom and i got in the car and went to the tattoo place which is called All or nothing tattoo.

So when we got there my mom told them what we wanted and i couldnt believe it i was about to get my belly botton pierced so the guy asked my mom for her id and she showed him and he started getting the papers ready then he came back and said i needed an id toO and that i couldnt get anything done unless i had one so he gave me a gift card to come back wendsday.

So i was really mad because my mom had got her belly pierced and i had to come back another day. so i waited till wendsday and my mom took me back and when we got there a man told us the piercer wasnt coming in today and to come back next wendsday…

So then i was getting really pissed cause i really wanted it done so i waited a whole week and it was time to go back soo i was really happy and nervious at the same time when we got there we had to fill out some papers and i choose the belly ring that i wanted and i went to the back and he marked my stomach and asked me did i like it.

I said yeah so then i had to lay down and i felt a little pressure and it was over. he told me to look in the mirror and i loved my new piercing so! now i j us cant stop looking at it but now i jus cant wait till i get the bottom pierced!!!!!!!


  1. cool girl would be pissed too cuz i would have told them to do it now are ill go some wheres else and they cant have my money

  2. wow, that would suck! im gttting mine done Thursday 😀 (April 23rd 2009)
    im so scared tho, i dont want it to hurt haha.
    nice story ;D XDDD

    laterzz x

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