By Ann S, Toronto, Ontario

Belly Button Piercing Story

It all began 3 months ago when I saw a girl with 10 piercings on each ear, which suited her SO well. I was both fascinated and curious about those piercings and we ended up talking for hours. Ever since, I’ve been drawn to the wonderful art of body piercing which is what got myself into piercing my ear and belly.

The first body piercing I chose was my cartilage. It didn’t hurt at all! The piercer told me to take a deep breath, and before I knew it, a gorgeous tiny silver hoop was on my ear. The first few weeks were indeed painful, especially when I was sleeping.

About 2 months later, I woke up one day and saw a picture of Vanessa Hudgens with SUCH a sexy and cute belly ring, I made up my mind on the spot to get one. This time, I did a little more research. In the end, I decided to just gut it. So I went with my friends to a highly recommended tattoo and piercing shop and chose a glimmering single-gemmed clear belly barbell.

As it turns out, it was SO painful. I endured about 10 seconds of pure pain on my belly 😥 and clenched my teeth until it was over. The piercer told me afterwards that she had to push the needle through more slower than normal because I had a “tough stomach”. She also took quite a while getting the little ball at the top of the barbell to screw into place. But in the end, I looked in the mirror and it looked simply divine!

Strangely, the weeks following my piercing, I didn’t feel any pain in my belly at all. Only when I accidentally catch it on my jeans, clothes or towel after I shower is when I feel a quick sharp pain. All my friends absolutely LOVE it and they say it’s the sexiest body piercing ever. I haven’t told my parents about my belly ring yet because it’s so easily concealed by clothing, but they’ll find out sooner or later.

Right now, my belly ring doesn’t hurt at all anymore and I’ve bought many different dangling, reverse, playboy belly rings to change into. So get a belly ring if you’re thinking about it, you’ll never regret it! 😉

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