Abs make a huge diff!!

by Jo

I’ve been working out a lot and lost over 20 lbs and got a really nice defined stomach, so I finally got the guts to pierce my belly button as a mark of achieving my goal weight.

Well, I did it with a friend who had a soft, undefined belly, and hers was painless, but mine was so, so, so painful! The piercer seemed to have difficulty piercing mine and kept making me push out and suck in so he could get more skin, and the needle was stuck in my belly for a really long time.

Luckily he was very calm about it (although I was silently dying) and managed to finally push the needle through. He also took quite a while to put the ring in, which hurt as well, but I don’t know what was up then, maybe he had problems threading the ball. Finally he cleaned up my bellybutton and told me I could get up.

The moment I saw myself in the mirror, I knew all that pain was worth it! I absolutely love it and I’m glad I made this decision!

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  1. congats on losin 20 pounds thats amazing! i appauld u 4 tightin ur stomach b4 gettin ur belly pierce cuz i think it disgustin when girls get their bellies pierced and their bellies look like JELLO(no offense to any1)

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