About Time For a Minor Act of Rebellion!

By Kp from Auckland, New Zeland.
So I went to this place in the city, which I’d checked out before and the piercer there has had 10 years of experience piercing, but it was also the only really convenient place for me to get it done, anyway. I was super scared but also excited -scaredcited- cos I was scared of the pain but they look really good, and I’d been doing research about the aftercare, and the process, and checking out pictures and everything.

The dude who did it was really nice. I picked out a black barbell with a silver jewel, and then he sterilized it. Then he drew 2 dots at my navel and asked me to lie down after he’d seen that they were straight. I asked about the needles they used, because I’d read that if not done properly, things like AIDS could be transmitted which was damn scary, but he showed me the new needle that he was going to use that was still sealed in its sterile packaging and stuff so that was okay.

I didn’t watch while he was doing it because I didn’t want to see the needle and freak out (I’d YoTubed the process before that) but he was really nice, going like “Okay now I’m going to clamp your belly button to bring those two dots I made as close together as possible, this might be just a little uncomfortable” and then I felt the clamp, and I felt the needle go through. I wasn’t unbearable or anything, kind of like an ant bite, but I could definitely feel it going through. And then he held up the barbell and was like “now I’m just going to put this on… and now you’re done” I could still feel it stinging for a little while, but after maybe like 2 hours, I could barely feel it unless I moved, and I’m still bending/ sitting/ and straightening up really carefully.

My piercer gave me antiseptic lotion that he told me to use to clean the stud twice a day. He didn’t say anything about salt soaks. I followed his instructions, and so far my piercing’s been doing great, no bleeding, no crusties, no pus or anything. It’s been a week, and it’s great 🙂


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