A midlife crisis ends well at the piercer’s

By Angel, from Franklin.
So I was facing my 37th birthday and was having a hard time after getting an AARP membership card in the mail. I had been thinking of getting my belly button pierced and hadn’t quite mad the decision to get it done as I was afraid of the healing time and of how sensitive it would be while healing. I work in auto parts and was afraid of catching it and ripping it out when working on a customers car.

Anyway’s I talked to a few friends that had their’s pierced and got some guts and decided I would do it. I just had to find which shop to use. After hearing so many good things about Estelle’s Tatto Parlor. They were running a piercing special that was ending the Friday before my birthday so I decided to go ahead an do it. I went in Friday at 2:00 in the afternoon on my lunch break and had it done.

The very nice young guy doing it made me totally comfortable and answered all my questions and reassured me I wasn’t too old to have this done. He took me back into one of the rooms and showed m all of the sealed tools and explained what he was going to do and showed me an example of all the tools and how they worked and then he marked my tummy and then had me lay down on the table and put the clamp on and then told me to take a deep breath and then he pierced my belly.

It hurt a little bit for about 2 seconds and then he put the barbell in and that was it. He gave me some cleaning solution and told me to clean it twice a day with antibacterial soap and then the solution. It never got crusty or bled after that first day and has healed great. I am now trying to figure out what tattoo I want.


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