A Hole In One

By Lindsey, Jacksonville, Florida, US

Belly Button Piercing Story

Since about the 9th grade I have wanted a lip piercing but my parents absolutely hate them and really any other facial piercings. Well, this year I’m a senior in high school and thought about just doing it cuz hey I’m 18 ya know 😆

Well, I mentioned it and my mom said if I did she would not pay for my car insurance and phone bill and I would have to start paying rent.

Well, I wanted my lip done but shoot I’m not that dumb 😕

So finally one day she was talking to my neighbor and piercings came up and she said to my utter shock and awe that she wouldn’t mind me getting a belly piercing! 😯

Shoot i was so excited I jumped on that and it was agreed if I passed my math class she would pay for half of my piercing.

Well, that week I passed that class cuz I was taking it on the Net. So I go in to get it done at this really nice guy’s tattoo place he happened to know my boss at the jewelry store so he gave me a hella of a deal. 😀

So now I have my belly done and as soon as I can switch them my boss will make me a custom belly ring that I get to design ha ha ha. I’m soooo happy! 😛

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