A hole in my Belly Button

By Shanikka, Fresno, USA

Belly Button Piercing

So for years i wanted to get my belly button pierced but i knew my mom wouldnt let me before i turned 18.

so about 2 months after i was riding to school with my friend and i saw a shop across the street from the school and decided that friday i was going in there to get my belly button pierced. So my friend and i went in, i was so scared… 😯

just for the record i don’t even have my ears pierced! so the guy who was going to do the piercing for me told me to lay on the little table so i did i think i was shaking a little bit. my friend was telling me to calm down ill be fine. so i closed my eyes and waited while the guy cleaned my belly button then marked where the hole would be.

i was holding my friend’s hand the whole time. she later told me i squeezed to so hard she had imprints… i told her she should feel bad for who ever gets me pregnant he may not have any hands lol. anyways so the guy puts this thing on my belly button it was a needle i think but im not sure cuz i wasnt lookin i knew if i did i would chicken out.

so i feel a pinch it didnt really hurt that bad… but it shocked me a little. then the guy took out the needle and put in my belly ring… after it was all over he cleaned it again… i didnt even bleed that much. but when i got home my little sister hit my stomach it hurt like hell… and sleeping was pain because i sleep on my stomach…

but now its been almost a year and everything is fine 🙂


  1. god ur luky did ur mom find out? mine wont let me untill im 16 she says then its legal if i wanna go 2 england 2 have it done soo exited i tried 2 do it my self but had no luck hope it wont scar thou!

  2. my mom wont let me get one until im 18 either.i have my ears pierced but she wont even let me get my second hole until im 18 crazy!!but i am scared about the pain my aunt told me it hurted like hell but others have told me it wasnt nothing but a pinch.i just think my aunt was trying to scare me out of getting one.im not scared of needles i actually like them lol.but im just scared to get this done!!

  3. wow your soooo lucky cuz i have my ears pierced 7times
    and i cant even get my belly button pierced which i want sooo bad

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