A guy and his belly piercing dream

By Alejandro from Mexico.
IMG_0372[1]_fbu (1)I wanted to have my belly button pierced since i was 16 years old, but i couldn’t because i didn´t had money or permission from my parents so i waited until i had the majority of age.

When i turned 20 i started searching for a good tattoo & piercing studio, i found one in the downtown so i decided to go an see if i was a good place and when i entered the place, everything was clean and the lady who attended me was so nice, so i decided that when i had the money i would go.

When i went to have my piercing on july 23th 2012 i was so nervous and scared that i almost chickened out,but i swallowed my fear and went, the guy who made my piercing had a good hand because i just felt a small pinch, and the worst part was when he put in the piece i choose.

The first week was a pain because i couldn’t flip off or sleep because of the pain and i had been instructed on how to take care of my piercing and i did it. I changed my piece 1 and a half months later and now i have small collection of pieces to wear! 😉

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