A great inspiration!

By Alexxandra, Ca.

I had wanted to get my belly button periced since I was 14. My little sister (who is about 4 years younger than I am) had been tyring to convince our mom for her belly peirced since she was 14.

Just a few weeks ago, my mom finally gave in; under the condition that I got mine done at the same time.

When we arrived, everything seemed to go wrong; we didnt have the right amount of money, the peircer wasn’t there; ext. Once all our problems were fixed (the peircer was called in, Mom paid the extra cash) then we had the issue of fear. We were both SO scared.

The guy pericing us laughed at me, saying that my lip ring or my three tatoos hurt way more than my belly button was gonna. He was talking major crap as my sister got hers done and told me with a smile “didnt hurt at all.” I talked crap to the dude the whole time he peirced me, and ironically; didn’t feel not a slight pinch..Honestly, the clamps hurt the most! I really hate that he said he was gonna count to three, and shoved the needle in onone; though. Its been about two weeks, and mine is infected. My sisters is FINE; aint that some bullshit?!

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