A Family Affair

By Logan, Keizer, USA

Belly Piercing Story

My mom and I have been wanting to do something fun together for sometime now and we had both wanted our navels pierced so we did our research and decided on a time and place 😈

My best friend wanted something too, so she came along as well. She ended up getting her rook after some intense deliberation. I am a cheerleader and almost was not able to get my piercing because our season is coming up but got around it! 😎

Our piercer was Jori Zans. I had only heard great things about her and now I know why. She was so nice, clean and really made us feel like it was no big deal to be prodded with huge needles!

We ended up waiting for an hour plus and when it was time to head back to the room, we were all very nervous and shaking. 😕

Jori talked us through what to expect and really took her time explaining every detail about aftercare, how she was going to pierce, and making sure her markings were even, and precise.

I could not be more happy with what she did, and I know that my mom and best friend are equally as estatic! 😀

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