A Dream Come True

By Ginger, Kentucky

Belly Button Piercing Experience

I was lying in bed one morning and I thought to myself: “Did I just dream I had a belly ring and that I was showing it off to a old friend that I haven’t seen in three years”?

I grab my shirt and pull it up… there was no belly ring! and I thought – you know a belly ring would look really cute on me and I hate my belly button anyway! 🙂

So I spring out of bed and run to the kitchen and tell my mom all about this dream about having a belly button ring and seeing my old friend Jayde at a drag race.

She was like: “That’s a strange dream alright”, then I ask her the question: “Mom would u let my pierce my belly button”? “No” – she replied and I was really upset so I thought – umm let’s go on the Internet and do some research about belly rings and see how they do it and read teens that have theirs done.

So I told her about all this searching I was doing and she really could see that I wanted this done so she said: “Let’s talk to dad and see what he says!” So dad told her: “If she wants to get it done – let her, she is about to turn 18!”

So I was so excited when i head this and so I ran upstairs and grab the yellow pages and started looking up piercing shops and called around for times and locations. Then I finally found one called Body Art Emporium in Louisville and so I told Mom the times and she said – OK, I will take you because I will have to co-sign for you.

So on the drive there I was so excited I was babbling to my mom and I don’t think she was even listening to my jabber on the way down to Body Art Emporium. 😉

So we get to the shop and the walls are covered in designs of tattoos every where and every one was in this tiny little building waiting in line to get tattoos and the place was somewhat dingy and smelt like cigarette smoke and body odor…:???:

But it was clean and somewhat well kept. This tall somewhat hibbly guy with covered tattoo arms and long hair and beard about in his late forties I would say asked me “Can I help you?” I said “I’m here for a navel piercing”. He said “lift up your shirt” and he looked and said “I can pierce that“.

So he hands my mom the papers and she signs and he takes me back into a room and sits me down in a chair and says “I’m going to tell you how you need to clean this daily for three months while I’m getting everything really here.”

So he does and he makes a dot on my navel with a permanent black sharpie and then tells me to lay back. He clamps it and counts to three and before he got to three it was done and over with and I paid him and left!

On the way home my mom said – “let me see that’s so cute! When i got home my dad really didn’t care about it :lol:  so my dream did come true!

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