A butterfly ring please?

By Michelle, Brooklyn

Belly Button Piercing

I wanted a belly ring since my best friend got hers! it looked cute and it was a perfect time to get one cuz summer was here!!

i remember it was friday the 17 and i called my BFF “hey lets go get the belly ring done” i said and she replied HECK YEAH 🙂 in an excited voice! we got lost on the way to the parlor cuz my BFF hadent been there in over a month and she had only been there once! but we finally found it! 😆

when i got out of the car i thaught eww wat an ugly place! it looked ugly and gothic and as soon as my friend and i stepped in i felt quizzy it stunk like ciggars and other crap! but a nice lady asked wat can i do you guys for? and i replied i want a belly ring she said okay and sent me up to a room on the second flor of the parlor!!

there was a big guy names mucles! haha 😆 he was nice too and had lots of tattoo’s wich i found interesting! he sat me down and started marking on my tummy! my friend was there the whole time along side with my mom and my mother was just making fun of me!

but i was determined to get it done because i knew my mom thaught i would chicken out! It wont hurt its just like a little pinch michelle its no biggy i herd my BFF say & i took her word for it because she had already went through this same pain!

Okay i’m about to stabb your stomack said Muscles i didnt even get to say okay when i suddently felt a sharp object in my stomack it was all done! but i felt paralized i couldnt even move but then i looked down and the piercing was done!!!

it looked amazing i was so happy! 🙂 I came back down to the first flor and showed my piercing to a lady that was next up to get hers! i think i inspierd her even more because she was ready to go up! The lady at the counter game me some sea salt spray to keep the piercing clean and heal it up!! i was surprised when my belly didnt hurt after 2days!

on the sunday of that weekend i went to the lake but first my friend recomended some waterproof bandades and she even baught them for me! they were so big! and looked ugly but over all it did help and it kept the water away! im so happy with my belly ring i could kiss it!

hope it heels bad so i can put on my butterfly belly ring in!


  1. Woww you have go a great figure! (no homo) Im getting mine done for my 14th birthday in exactly 1 month on May 18. I hope to God that mine turns out as fantastic as yours! I LOVE YOURS!!!

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