A Bellyring For A Beautiful Girl…Ayee !

By Katherine from Washington DC.
Hey there! I got my bellybutton pierced on May 12th of this year. I started wanting one about 3 years ago, but my mom made me wait till I was 18! I didn’t hound her about it and waited until the end of my freshman year of college to get it done.

I chose a place my best friend recommended called, Pinz & Needlez. I visited beforehand to check out the place and see the cost. It cost $40 so I saved up the money and went on a warm May day.


My best friend came with me to the piercing studio. She wanted to get her nose pierced. Both me and her were bursting out laughing for no reason before I got my bellybutton pierced because I was nervous. I had to sign some papers and show ID first then she asked what color jewelry I wanted. My piercer Karla was sooo sweet and cool and made me really comfortable with the whole process.

She explained it to me step by step. I wasn’t exactly scared, more nervous than everything. First she cleaned my bellybutton with an alcohol swab and then marked the spot with a elt tip pen. I lay down on the cold, leather chair and took a deep breath as she sterilized the equipment and cleaned the new jewelry. I DID NOT look at the needle, because I was afraid if I did, I’d chicken out. Karla didn’t use a clamp and just put on gloves and held my stomach as she pierced me. It felt like a slight push, and then pinch on my bellybutton and the worst part was the feeling of the belly ring going in and being secured. It was all over really fast and I felt silly for being so nervous. I admired it in the mirror for like 5 minutes. She gave me a sheet with piercing aftercare and answered all my questions about cleaning it. My piercing has been in almost 3 months and is healing great. My piercer, Karla used stainless surgical steel and I chose one with a clear gem stone. I love my piercing 

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