A Bellydancer’s Delight

By Steph, Australia

Belly Button Piercing Story

So ever since I saw Britney’s Spears’ belly piercing, I was obsessed with getting one. My parents strongly disapproved of it, so I started trying the fake ones. They were really uncomfortable and didn’t give me that feminine, sexy look I wanted.

After turning 18 my parents said I was allowed to do what I liked but they still disapproved of a belly piercing. Which wasn’t cool because I would never do something against my parents will… 🙁

My fiance and I decided that we would both get piercings when we got married so I was pretty excited about that but still kind of bummed that my parents didn’t like it. We weren’t going to be married for a few years though so my fiance really wanted to get his cartilage pierced. I was getting really excited about the idea of getting my belly done especially because I’m a bellydancer and I wanted to decorate my tummy! 🙂

So at 20, I decided to talk to my parents again and told them I really wanted to get my belly button pierced but not against their will. They said they approved!! I guess they appreciated the consideration.

So I was getting it done that same weekend and my fiance was coming to get his cartilage done too. I was so nervous and researching like crazy. Prices, aftercare, piercing experiences, infection stories, belly ring types, the lot!

I was so scared, even though every person I asked said it didn’t hurt that bad at all. It was a whole different story on the Internet, many people said it killed! 😯

So somebody recommended me a place to get it done, but another friend had a bad experience there. I went anyway. It is a well known place and the prices are good.

I chose my belly bar, I was so excited! She marked the place and asked me what I thought, then I layed back. I decided not to look. She asked me to take a deep breath and she pierced OW! “The worst part is over”. I was relieved, YAY! Until, she put the jewellery in. I couldn’t lie still, it was so painful.

I got up and looked at it in the mirror. I LOVED IT! The pain was so worth it. :lol:  She just told me not to touch it or twist it and spray it twice a day.

Unfortunately my fiance didn’t have the greatest piercing experience but he’s not fussed. Now 6 weeks later, I love how my belly rolls look with a glittering jem in my belly button. It isn’t healed yet but I’m starting to touch it a little. I haven’t had any issues with it and I can’t wait to change the jewellery.

And to a bellydancer’s delight, my piercing dream came true! 😉


  1. I got my belly button done five years ago when I was 16 years old. I love it and am really glad I did it. It looks great and my boyfriend also loves it. I started to attend belly dancing classes in September. There are 15 of us in our class and all but two of the group have had their belly buttons pierced. Now these two girls are thinking of having theirs done too ! If in doubt, go ahead and have it done !

  2. Hey so I’m 13 years old and I’m getting my bellybutton pierced on the 12th of this month, I’m really nervous, and I’m afraid it will really hurt

  3. You won’t regret listening to your parents 🙂
    I bought mine from eBay. I think Body Candy (online) may have some.
    If you’re in Australia you could try looking at Hairhouse Warehouse, they used to have some fake piercings.
    Sorry I couldn’t be anymore help!

  4. hey i really want my belly button pierced but im 14 and my parents say no:( so i was wondering where did u get ur fake belly rings??

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